Gotta Side With Darth Vader On This One

For whatever reason, it seems like various episodes of The Star Wars series are featured no less than once per week as of late, especially on Spike T.V.

The cold part about it is, that I seem to watch every single time they are featured, at least partially.

It was just yesterday afternoon when a particular scene indicates that I am not the only person who experiences this type of sentiment when I am around certain types of individuals and their associated attitudes.

Why it happens to be The Villain, Darth Vader, is a mystery, and while I tend to flow more towards the rebel alliance in my own ideas, in this particular scene above,
I am all the way with Vader.

It is what it is, and sometimes, you really do need to
put your mack down and make certain people aware  that it is IN you, and not ON you.

Just had to get that out before we continue on with the  journey.Your attention is appreciated and valued.

A different perspective to consider.