(Repost) Headache Or Tylenol – Which One Are You?



“You are either a part of the PROBLEM, or a part of the SOLUTION.
The way to tell is through looking at what you tend to have the most of
and find yourself sharing the most of with others. ”
-Rylan Branch

Greetings Earthlings!
Humpday it is, and thanks again for tuning in.
This, like many of the entries found here at PimpHop.com are actually mental notes to myself that I decided to share with others who may find them relevant and valuable .

Following through on applying what I have learned through research over the years, the experts claim that a clear picture of an ideal setting and end result is one of the most important factors in achieving success, as any player in any game would be wise to have to have a goal in sight in which to focus on in order to score.

When recently attempting to explain to my youngest son how to resolve a conflict,  I found that I needed to make things as simple and easy to comprehend as possible, and the above scenario regarding headaches and Tylenol is what I came up with.

He was actually very well aware of what both represented, so I confirmed to him that he does in fact have the power to decide which one that he would be in each and every scenario, and since I tend to practice more than I preach, I decided to use this scenario as a message of outreach regarding our objectives for the rest of the year and beyond.

The story is so clear cut that I have eliminated the need for me to elaborate with an abundance of words, so again this is simply a mental note to myself to man the position that I best see myself most suitable and fit for.

Headache Or Tylenol – Which One Are You?

To Good Health!

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