Mysterious African Fertility Statues Coming To Ripley's Hollywood

May Day, May Day, we are experiencing GOOD NEWS!
If you have grown tired of hearing and seeing news about sickness and death, here is something on the opposite end of the spectrum which is health and birth.

I just finished watching KCAL News at 3 ,and stay tuned in long enough to catch the piece regarding the African Fertility Statues that are coming to the Ripley’s  Hollywood location on Saturday 02 May 2009.

You can do your own research regarding the mysterious events by watching the video clip and clicking the news link.
I will simply share the information.

As an added piece of trivia, I actually worked at the Buena Park CA, Ripley’s location in the 90’s in the Amazing Pictures division, and all I will say is that I no longer dis-believe everything that I see and hear.


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin