WHITE WOMEN WITH BLACK CHILDREN – Is There Something In The Water In Seattle And The Pacific Northwest?

Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Obama’s mother known here as “uncommon”.

Stanley Ann Dunham loved this area but moved to attend college in Hawaii, marrying Obama’s father.

For four years on Mercer Island, Stanley Ann Dunham impressed her high-school classmates with a wickedly sharp wit. She was an “intellectual rebel” with a fledgling beatnik sensibility that would eventually take her around the globe.

But shortly after high-school graduation in 1960 she vanished from the Seattle area, and would have been little more than a foggy memory to most — if not for a son she had just a year later: Barack Obama.

Now that Obama’s unique personal history has become part of his rising political profile, his mother’s formative years in the Pacific Northwest are a little-noticed chapter. Even Obama glosses over the chapter in a single line in his best-selling biography.

Source (Read More): http://seattletimes.com/html/politics/2004334057_obama08m.html

3 Simple Words = Baby North West.

3 Simple Words = Baby North West.

Moral Of The Story (Thinking Out Loud)

Authentically Speaking……………

When you have your own show, you can write the script however you want to write the script, and for this particular segment of the story, after seeing so many online image galleries of friends and friends of friends in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.A. with black babies with other than black mothers, it has been decided that in the name of continued positive growth and expansion of the cause, it is time to explore the most effective methods of pitching my message and planting my seeds in the fertile grounds of the wetlands of that particular region.

I hope it’s (the statement) not too ghetto, as a totally off the wall New Age Of Aquarius perspective to consider.