Drag "YOU" To Hell Advertisement – Live & Direct on MYSPACE


Sometime, I ask myself if I am one of those individuals with a deep yearning to he heard or listened to as some would think. The only way to find out is to see how I feel when many do not. Actually, the cold part about it is, that the only person who really needs to listen to me, is me, for me to feel like what I am saying is of value, and it shows in the results, so I conclude that these words and pictures that I am placing in front of me on a computer screen are simply notes to myself with an option for you to listen & learn if you choose. All in the name of enjoyable entertainment.

The image above is from an upcoming movie called
Take Me To Hell, which was directed by Sam Raimi , who also directed and created the 80’s horror film The Evil Dead along with his most recent work for Spider-Man 3. Interestingly enough, SpiderMan is a character that was created by Marvel Comics, which I actually admire, due to his
extra sensory perception abilities known as his Spider Sense, which tingles at the appropriate times.

I guess I can identify with the scenario,even tough I cant recall a time when I was bitten by a radioactively charged spider, unless it happened unknowingly.
None the less, over the past few years, I have noticed that the front page and other advertisment features on Myspace as well as other locations on and off the Internet seem to reflect some form of a horrifying & morbid vibration along with the associated goods and services which they reflect. Take for example this one

You also have the ones about popular recently released films such as
The Dark Knight
as well as the vampire themed film, known as

neither of which I have seen.

This is a time where I would be out of the loop, in regards to what the latest trends in fashion and arts would be applicable for me, requiring that I make do, without some of the designer brands that the rest of the Kool Kids are sporting.

Yet and still, between us as friends, I have never actually been one to ride on the back of any bandwagon, yet even if I was, I would owe it to myself, to first ponder on the actual desired destination of the wagon, before I made a conscious decision to hop aboard.

To each his own, and the rules of the game clearly state that we can never be mad at the seller so long as the buyer is buying, which leaves me with the oppurtunity to create my very own alternative, and offer it to those who value it to the same degree in which I do.


Each path leads to an end point, and each individual decides which path in which to place their feet.