For Those Talking SLICK About Michael Vick


You already know the news, and if I am mistaken, simply Google Michael Vick and educate yourself.
Now has come the time to put my proper spin on it for those interested in reading.
First, I must caution you, that the following statements are about as REAL IN THE FIELD as it gets, and strangely enough it’s simple and plain.

So, yada yada yada, Michael Vick A.K.A. Michael CON-Vick, was sentenced to a few months in a federal penitentiary for his role in a Dog Fighting Ring.
Animal Cruelty advocates and other voices hop on the bandwagon in an attempt to cast stones. And interestingly enough, Michael Vick himself was actually a bystander in the ordeal, as a majority of his time was spent focusing on his job as a professional athlete, in one of the many sports of blood that are usually comprised of participants of ethnic descent.

I pose this question.
If it is considered a criminal and immoral act for individuals to be involved with Dog Fighting, in varying levels such as breeding, betting, coordinating, or animal disposal, would a society then be just in condoning
Human Fighting , which consists of the same exact elements, to serve the needs of individuals who are entertained by violence, and the excitement of betting on its competitors?

There is plenty of research to be done regarding the TRUTH about professional level contact sports, yet I can simply state for the record that
Atlanta Falcon Team Owner
Arthur Blank

As well as all of the companies who profit from endorsements from these athletes/gladiators should be held to the same level of scrutiny as
Michael Vick and his associates.

Of course, the eyes belong to the viewers, along with the choice of what to pay attention to, so to draw a comparison of what it is that I am professing, simply view the following video to see if you may notice any similarities between Dog Fighting and Man Fighting.

In the words of Snoop Dogg.

Now All You Hookers And Ho’s Know How I Feel “

I just always suspect that if the dog fighting sport was to draw the same amount of interest and revenues as these African American Athletes and their associated sports, the sport would be somewhat more
socially acceptable, and so long as the Dogs were compensated with fame, glamor, and a comfortable lifestyle in exchange for the sacrifice of their minds, bodies, and spirits, it would simply be considered
Business As Usual.

Thats my opinion.
Lets see what the opinions of the NFL, companies with endorsement offers, and fans of the sport are by the contracts offered to Michael Vick.
It worked wonders for Kobe Bryant!

A different perspective to consider.

Stimulus Is LAW,
Put It On The Card

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin