The Montana Fishburn Story Revisited – Letter To Larwence Fishburn

I decided to go ahead and drop this post while it is fresh in my mind, before I head out for the days adventures.

Over the years as you can imagine, I have received what we can call spoken and unspoken morality stance questions in regards to female sexuality regarding prostitution and pornography and so forth, and in actuality, my stance is very simple, so I would address it to
Larwence Fishburn as an individual with some choices to make regarding perspectives about his daughters decisions.

Do I advocate that a woman participate in what is known as loose sexual behavior for profit such as pornography and prostitution, or simple loose behavior in general? The answer is negative, yet for a different reason than most, as I am actually aware of higher levels of success and profits as it has been demonstrated in showbiz that the idea of sex, actually sells more than the act itself, not to mention the fact that in the grand scheme of things, women in general, upon the appropriate occasion have been known to have sexual intercourse of make love for a more easially digestable language.

What I will state for the record is that I would choose this type of loose behavior for a woman as a heterosexual male as opposed to viewing or participating in what is seemingly socially acceptable in the mainstream American society and A List Hollywood circles as pictured below which is often applauded as a step towards greater tolerance and advancement of thought.

I would venture even further to say that what ever the sexual type and behavior is and our views regarding it are, it ( the behavior and choice) can be confirmed with common sense perception, as opposed to the guesswork put in to imagery and concepts viewable in the image below.

While I do not advocate human judgment, since it is a regularly occurring tendency in the digital age, I do advocate a more impartial and broad perspective judgment which would lead to greater justice, so in closing, I would simply ponder on which type of behavior leads to the greatest potential for procreation to continue for the bloodline of
Larwerence Fishburn, because due to a unique life experience of being exposed to females in Hollywood/ Los Angeles,  who enter into these realms for reasons other than the stereotypical belief that it was motivated by financial need,  I can confirm that exposure to other forms of sexual relations and behaviors from parents and their associates, and peers within a “high society” settings has been known to result in

Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans

certain females feeling the need to overcompensate in areas of heterosexual behaviors for the sake of gaining some affection and relating to their own sexual identity.

Again, it is just my personal stance.

A different perspective to consider.