The New GM will be different than the Old GM.
-Barack Obama

Well, the man did say CHANGE we can believe in, so it is what it is.
I guess I spoke to soon when I entered my previous post on this very matter in the month of January.
Obama Says- “What’s A Pimp Without A Cadillac?”

 The again, I may have been RIGHT ON THE MONEY, as far out as it may appear to most squares.
Regardless, this is probably in my opinion, one of the most significant events in the history of American Economics. General Motors is said to be filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as of today , Monday June 1, 2009, and the Federal Government of the United States Of America will be acting as a majority stake holder in the company in order to keep it afloat. I sensed a change coming in the late 90’s the very moment I saw an Escalade with  22 inch chrome wheels inside of a Caddilac dealrship showroom, when they began to equip all the vehicles as such, meaning they come STOCKED with CHROME!

Perhaps its true what heads in the hood have been saying for a few years now.


Opinions are like Escalades… Everybody’s Got One Of Them MoFo’s. 

Lets see what happens next, but if you know about the ideology of Socialism, you can see the direction in which things appear to be headed. If we, as President Obama says, can no longer  expect  China to keep covering our debts as U.S. citizens, perhaps his solution is to switch up the script so that the Government of the U.S. runs similarly to China.

From Dem-ocracy to Pimp-ocracy.
Somebody has to write the script.
Even Online, its AINT EASY!

A different perspective to consider.