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This one here is actually just for me, yet as usual, I will leave it on the table for anyone else who may also find some use for it. This is an entry that is based on a personal struggle that I face as an entrepreneur and visionary which can be classified as a conflict of interest, yet in my own mind there has to be some form of a connection if the two different interest exist in my mind.

The inspiration for this post comes from a commercial that I viewed last night during the NBA Finals game. It was the latest GM commercial in which I believe they did an excellent job in damage control by taking what most would believe was bad news and spinning it into a new horizon of growth. It talks about the steps that they are taking to reinvent GM to function better than before, and at the end it states that GM is not going out of business, it is getting down to business.

With this operation or what ever it should be classified as, I live, eat, sleep, and breath it, and 90% of my mental and emotional resources are invested in to what will actually make it work and flourish the way that I have it envisioned to do inside of my mind.

With that said, I am aware that any success in any business venture will always point down to one simple element, which is customer satisfaction. It is also a known fact that the first and foremost recipient of satisfaction must be the creators of the business as well as the staff.

In the beginning, this thing called was created as an opportunity to do what it is that I enjoy, which is showing people a good time, and what I consider a good time may be different from what others consider as such. On the top of the list, the company of attractive women with good attitudes is key in my personal definition of a good experience, so from there, it led into the concept known as Internet Modeling an the associated lifestyle, which can be found in a few places around these parts. Simultaneously, there came an interest and expansion in the ability to spread the word and communicate ideas according to how we perceive things free of oversight, editing, and censorship..

So what happen?
Well, see, what had happened was, a thing called
ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING. From the bottom of my heart and soul, I still cannot determine whether or not this has actually been beneficial or detrimental to the operation as well as society as a whole, and here are my reasons.

I often get THE GAME from unexpected places, and in this case, it came to me over the weekend while reviewing the book Dreams Of My Father, by Now President Barack Obama. The reason I was reviewing it, is because somewhere in the total scheme of things, the pen/keyboard, is mightier than the sword, and his communication skills play a crucial part in his results. There is one simple quote that I picked up on that rang a bell more so than anything else, and it had to do with his experience in Kenya, when becoming acquainted with his relatives. It was a section that was describing the struggles of his father, and how much betrayal he encountered, and was till able to be his natural and generous self.
One of his relatives, I believe of his aunts, or perhaps his sister made a statement.

If Everybody is Family, then Nobody is Family, that is what your father (The Old Man) failed to realize.

The image above displays the type of sentiment that I felt, and I have to admit that there is comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your questions about life.

It was interesting that she used FAMILY to describe this scenario, because for the most part, it is what most people on some level consider as important.

That is the word, that I have been pondering on due to what I have been seeing….. IMPORTANT.

It would then stand to reason that likewise, if EVERYBODY is IMPORTANT, then NOBODY is IMPORTANT.

Back to the original subject, it then expands to if EVERYBODY is a MODEL than NOBODY is a MODEL, which is a term that describes a standard of excellence..

If everybody is a Fly Rapper , then nobody is a Fly Rapper.

If everybody is a Superstar, than nobody is a Superstar.

If everybody is X, than nobody is X, would be the mathematical equation if you haven’t caught on to where I am leading to.

That word LEADER actually helps explain things even better.
If everybody is a LEADER or BOSS, than nobody is a LEADER or BOSS.

What I have seen with the internet over the past 5 years is an equalizing factor which puts multiple people in the same category.

The latest example would be the latest in thing known as Twitter. The first thing I asked when singing up is if it would even be possible for everyone to be a leader?
I believe that that is the primary desire for most of the users.

Its the same with Facebook, Myspace, and well, people in general via 2009.
Everybody is Somebody, or attempting to and desiring to be.

Again, this is simply for me, as a internal work out of sorts. I would probably be the last in line to want to dash anyones hopes or dreams of becoming or being IMPORTANT, so with that said, I have pondered for many days in regards to why this desire exists and if it is even healthy to consider a thing. Its like the debate as to whether or not there is truly only room for
one or a few at the top, or is there infinite space.

I am still searching for the answer, so feel free to search with me, or stay tuned for the final analysis.

That leads us from the Model Site vs. Media Outlet Debate.
I find that the mainstream media, and many online media outlets do discuss issues that are relevant to groups of people that affect society as a whole, vs. whats important to a particular individual.
As an example, I cant recall seeing it being newsworthy, for an individual to express their displeasure with how the new lady at local Starbucks puts too much latte in the frappuccino. That is an analogy of course, but none the less, the point that I am making is in regards to what we all actually consider as important, as it is each individuals right to decide. It just appears that popular opinion is on individual or even trivial matters as important, yet amongst friends, people may simply hold the things that they have in common more valuable than what is presented as newsworthy and fed to the accordingly.
It is simply the similar level playing field that concerns me, as something just seems kind of off, as the person or groups who are actually dedicated, fit, and willing to make the sacrifices to achieve the goal may become suppressed by others who are not, and become mixed in due to the appearance of equality that the Internet offers its users.

This all again, really has no rhyme or reason, and are just
MY THOUGHTS, as I too must believe that what I have to say is on some level important, at least to me personally. At the end, I can still, without a shadow of a doubt conclude that a GOOD TIME, is still desired by all in its different forms, and I don’t really see a trip to the show or other places of mutual amusement

as a Popularity Contest, so I pray that things will eventual resolve to where and how they need to be with continued concentrated focus and effort towards serving the needs of self and others simultaneously.
Your interest in this entry is genuinely appreciated.
To Be Continued.

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


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R. Branch
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Scotty Pimpin