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Welcome Home, and thanks for your patience during my brief absence.

As always it is for good reason, and while I dont really have a lot on my plate, my choice to switch my serving/eating style up leads to having my plates more reminiscent of a plate of
Wasabi Tacos at a Nobu near you.

If you are familiar with the establishment, then this decision makes perfect sense, yet if you are not, then perhaps I would be wise to elaborate.

As of late, I have noticed that there are so many people, places and things for all of us to pay attention to, each battling with each other for our time and attention. It can be any matter in a long list of subjects, such as politics, entertainment, business, personal relationships, etc.

What I have had to do for my own clarity is to simply select that which is most important and relevant to me and concentrate on it and it only, yet due to the fact that I tend to be broad in scope, it poses a challenge. With that said, I decided to look for the lowest common denominator which connects people places and things together, and I have concluded that the cornerstone would have to be based on the subjects of Health and Economics, which is actually at the forefront of American Politics at this present time.

The debate that has been put in front of the citizens by leadership is in regards to which of these two subjects have the highest priority.

Its strangely similar to the pro choice vs. pro life debate, yet my mind has always concluded that it is somewhat similar to the comparison of a
penis vs. a vagina, in regards to which one has the highest priority.

It appears to me that each is in fact parts of a whole that function properly when joined together in unison , and are dysfunctional when out of order. The out of order part comes from the assignment of value regarding the level of priority that each has.

As an example, lets look at some hypothetical scenarios.

#1. A patient is in a disease state, and decided that medical attention is needed, so they proceed to the nearest treatment facility, yet they are without adequate funding to pay for the services and remedies which are at a steep cost. This particular scenario would seem to point more towards the priority of economics being greater than health care.

#2 A health care provider is in need of funds from the bank, so that they may obtain a loan for a new home mortgage. When they get to the bank, they realize that no one is available to assist them and then discover that the home that they would like to live in does not actually exist due to the fact that the providers of these goods and services were not in a condition of wellness which is required to perform ANY function effectively. This would point more towards healthcare being a greater priority than economics.

In more simplified terms, a sick man cannot work and a working man cannot afford to be sick.

What is the resolution?

Healthcare > Economy ( Incorrect)

Healthcare < Economy (Incorrect)

Healthcare = Economy ( Correct )

R.B’s HealthConomy Resolution # 3233

One hand washes the other,
then each one washes the face

As a demonstration of the validity and effectiveness of the resolution, I have started this entry with two images which represent health care and the economy. There is one for each eye or two for two eyes, which ever way your brain decides to see things.

In each symbol, if you pay closer attention, you will notice a pattern, which is a right and left side divided my a middle point which makes each side equal and parts of a whole picture. I would be willing to place a large wager on my claim that this formula works in just about any area of conflict, and popular to what many may believe there actually IS an EYE in TEAM, which may indicate the reason as to why individual tend to have two working together in front of one head.

In closing, my area of emphasis for the summer will be focused on

HEALTHY male female relationships, as the statistics are showing that the leading cause of death in the western world is heart disease, which to me is another way of saying the leading cause of death in the west

is a broken heart.

Get It In Writing.

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top

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Written By

R. Branch
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Scotty Pimpin