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TGIM (Thank God Its Monday) and the show is still on going and growing.
As I stated in an earlier post, I believe that we all have some pieces of the puzzle missing, and the best way to reach a state of puzzle completion is through working together.

What I am noticing, is that in actuality, one of the purposes served for me by posting entries here at is to make this mechanism my work bench or drawing board of sorts, and these posts are simply my reps and sets.

Mondays are usually the day where I really analyze goals for the week and month and asses my progress from prior weeks, which is known as benchmarking.

What I have come to the full conclusion of, is something that I myself even have a reluctance to face because it is perplexing.

It really seems like for the most part, 95% of the individuals that I met as of late are not really looking to excel and go anywhere in life, for lack of a better phrase, and it is so common, that it just appears to be the New Normal, and anything else is thought to be somewhat unrealistic as far as expectations go. I have been pondering on what is causing the slight belly ache that I feel when I log on to the Internet for a few years now, and I have concluded that it really is the abundance of despair , hopelessness, and mediocrity that I can sense through the words and actions of individuals in my line of sight

It is a perplexing situation because most individuals who fall into this category are usually in some form of a comfort zone, living check to check earning just enough to pay bills and consume when time allows, which is usually on nights and weekends. You then have the scenario that says that some employers actually allow their workers to spend time on social networking websites, on non company related issues, and I have heard that this usage is rampant even when NOT authorized as personal mobile devices allow individuals to connect to each other on the web.

I was under the impression that the simple solution would be to go into the world where people are actually in a sense more active, to see a better chance of encountering individuals who are interested in moving forward and making progress, and that is when I experience an even more alarming trend.

In actuality, it appears to be the same story with individuals who are out and about in the world, as even those individuals are still on the web with mobile devices, twittering, myspacing, and facebooking away as these trend have become actual verbs that are easily understood by most of the younger residents in California and elsewhere.

As always, I recognize that it really is different strokes for different folks, and each is free to decide what to do with their own time, yet calling it like i see it, wasting time being under or non productive and overly consumptive has appeared to have become the standard, although I often look really hard to discredit my own intuitive belief.

At the end of the day regardless, what we sow is what we reap, and when the results show, I notice much complaining being done by individuals who are in fact making the choices and taking the actions which lead to these results.

As an example, I will bring you into my office, and allow you to view a fairly common style of email response from a young lady, whose name I will keep anonymous.


I’m sorry hon, it sounds like a great opportunity, but I’m afraid i don’t have the time, I’m soo consumed by work, and doing a lot of home improvements, I wont have the time.. I’m sorry hon..

Before you jump to conclusions, I actually selected this note for a good reason , as she is in fact a successful and active personality with a good attitude, and it is simply to show that the just move on to the next theory is non valid, as I am actually sometimes overly selective of who I even address in the first place, and if the serious and sound people are giving this type of response, which theyoften do as of late,  it requires me to have to search for a suitable solution.

We also have the just not worth the time theory, and I am an honest enough person to admit if it was the truth, yet between us as friends, another reason for posting these entries, is to simply prove to my own self the effectiveness of my methods, as with this one post, I can guarantee that more will be accomplished in 1 hour than in 3 days of using the typical methods, with even less work and even greater accuracy and returns.

Of course we have the typical popular name theory, and it often plays a part through the familiarity factor, yet my logic says that whether popular or not, if  whatever it is yielding non sufficient results, it really does not matter, unless one is only interested in associating with the popular in an attempt to become popular  in congruence with what everyone else is doing, also known as blending in. the last time i checked, the poupular and standard way or thing is exactly what is leading to poor results across the board for the most part.

My favorite is the one that I often hear in response to what I say after I learn what an individual is interested in and in search of,, which usually translates to

Yeah, you’re right, that is what I would LIKE to be doing, but that isnt what I AM doing.

What actually prevents a person from switching their doing to something more  likeable one as opposed to just talking about it has always been a mystery to me, and is probably just a by product of a person being human, which we all are, right????
This is just me thinking out loud, so I always rest assured knowing that every problem has a solution, and I am searching or even creating one in the process.

What I am envisioning is in fact a winners circle, created for those select few individuals who demonstrate what I classify as excellence and correct thinking and doing, as many popular publications follow the same standards, such as Forbes,People, Time or G.Q. Magazines.

Again, I’m just working things out, so lets see what happens next because as the rules clearly state, regardless of rain sleet, snow, or slack,
The Show Must Go On!

A different perspective to consider.


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R. Branch
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Scotty Pimpin