Why Do Powerful Men Cheat? A Simple Explianation From RB


Just got finished viewing the Larry King Show on CNN, and of course the news for today is in rgeads to S. Carolina Governer  Mark Sanford’s  five day disappearance to Argentina to meet with his mistriss which he revealed to the world today. This news breaking days after it was announced that Nevada Senator “John” Ensign had an affair. The list of sex enthused politicians  is growing and this is becoming a pattern, so Larry King Had some expert pannelist on the show, and before the break after which he returned with the guest commentators, he asked the question which was the subject of todays show.

Why Do Powerful Men Cheat?

Immediately following the question, an advertisment came on that could not have come at a better time, as I beleieve it answers the question most effectively.

The reason that the S.C. governor and NV senator and others have beeninvolved in scandalous affairs was simply due to their need and desire to go and…….


Says so right there in the commericial that pays the
Larry King Show Advertising Fees.

Got it?
now back to our regularly scheduled programming!