The One That Made Chapelle Go To Africa

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Just as I was considering taking a break, the numbers are showing that inquiring minds want to know. In all honestly, its just me talking sh*t and keeping myself entertained, and I am humbled by the fact that others even choose to listen at times.

Anyhow, this one is from the archives, waiting for the right time to be released. Im sure most reading this can recall the whole Chapelle Show incident a few years back and the amount of controversy and intrigue about Dave Chapelles erratic behavior and subsequent cancelation of his show after a fickle attempt to host the Chapelle show, WITHOUT Dave Chapelle.

I am glad that he found a happy medium that allows him to still do what he loves, which is Stand Up, because, thats what it really requires to gain authentic respect.. TO STAND UP!

The politics behind the situation entail that while he had artistic and creative control over his production, what he lacked was EXECUTIVE CONTROL, which leads one to ponder on how valuable that really is. The popular name for a segment of media brass is NETWORK EXEC, and while having a Hit Show is a great thing yet having an outlet to reach the the masses with the show is a
NECESSARY THING, which is issued by a green light from studio or network executives.
Chapelle in my opinion was provoking people to think through
the funny bone method, and that isn’t necessarially the agenda of some who serve your entertainment needs, at least when it comes to certain satire that may actually enlighten you. Its a long story, but simply one that we see fit to continue, because the bottom line rule in showbiz is to
Give The People What They Want.