So, What Makes You Think That You're So Special?


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Yes indeed, I expect this is one that is sure to get you to check up on it.
The interesting thing about this entry is that for the most part, I actually agree with you in regards to what makes you feel that you are special. If that is how you truly think and feel about yourself I second that emotion and stand with you.

I mean special in a positive way, as I have always wondered why they classify special as a negative term in the traditional grade school system, like special means disabled, defective , or slow in some capacity. Perhaps its true in some cases yet I invite you to study carefully
the video below from Special Ed ,
20 years ago in 1989

and learn how to manifest your words and thoughts into an ideal image of yourself, because as I see now with the 80’s babies and their style choices, it would take someone who was the same age as they are now during the 80’s to point them in the direction of where it really comes from on a SOLID level.I guess they are calling it SWAGGER these days, lol.

Todays excersise is to come up with three simple answers for the question which is ” So, what makes you think that youre so special?” From that point, we can concentrate on how to go about sharing your gifts with the ones who are worthy of recieving. Simply put, what ever you think that makes you special will be shown as a SOLUTION, which by focusing on this or these things, make you a part of the solution.

Got it?
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A different perspective to consider.
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Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin