On Joe Jackson


“People don’t care if you be nice as pie. You could be as good as Jesus Christ, they always gonna talk about you,” Joe Jackson said. “Just spell my name right.

Im going to keep this one a short as possible, as I need to get up and out earlier than usual today.

Much can be, has been, and is said about Joe Jackson, and some of it may actually be TRUE.
One thing that cannot be said about him and be true, is that he is divorced.

The key point that I see that deserves notice is that at the end of the day,
Joe and Katherine Jackson are still together as a couple, which would make the union a time period of nearly 60 years.

I am above  focusing too much on other peoples familiy business, even if they themselves make the proceedings public. I will just say for the record, that I believe that much of the drama and subsequent results of  the life and death of Michael Jackson stem from his allowance of others into hs family matters to such a large degree.

Sometimes, with the  abuse allegations against Joe Jackson, being harsh with Michael, as sick as it may sound to some viewers, I think  it may have been a case of Joe Jackson believing that the harsh treatment from his hand would pale in comparison to the abuse that Michael would later experience from outsiders who did not share the same blood & family name. Its similar to how
Michael Corleone advised Fredo Corleone in regards to taking sides against the family, and standing with Mo Green who was providing for his needs  in the classic story,
“The Godfather Part 2.”

There is a production that was released to the public yesterday on
ABC Primetime, with Joe Jackson speaking his piece , which gives some insight into his line of thinking, and I always believe  its best to hear both sides of the story in order to judge justly.


Once again, its just my opinion.


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin