Now Aint That ‘Bout A BITCH? Living To Be LIKED On Facebook And FOLLOWED On Twitter



1. a female dog: The bitch won first place in the sporting dogs category.

2. a female of canines generally.

3. Slang .
a. a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
b. a lewd woman.
c. Disparaging and Offensive . any woman.

All of this drama and discord which leads to subsequent and automatic self destruction for whole entire societies and vast amounts of time and energy wasted on vain pursuits that serve no one but seek to be served by everyone, all in the name of the thirst to be LIKED on Facebook and FOLLOWED on Twitter and whatever those two pursuits really represent beneath the surface?

Now Aint That ‘Bout A BITCH?

"MIA could get fined hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of her middle-finger gesture during the Super Bowl half-time entertainment on Sunday night" - AP

Actually with just the slightest glance, it (‘Bout A Bitch) is exactly what it shows to be about as the new and popularin thing”.

Luckily since being about and doing the right thing is in my humble opinion the best option, we have the comfort and safety of the quarantine bubble zone known as Lifestyle Magazine to reside in as we watch that show from afar with it’s cast members and participants being programmed to fail unknowingly, all in the name of the pursuit of that popular in thing with those who do it seeking in vain to become it.

“Reality Check = Better To Earn A Big One Than To Be In Debt For Big One.”
– Rylan Branch

Stay Tuned!