On Walter Cronkite

The legend has graduated, 1916-2009
and I figured it best to pay my respects, as it is related to the industry that I am working in, which is broadcast journalism.

I was still a youngin when Cronkite retired back in 1981, yet his name still held weight  many years after his retirement.

What I see in his life that is admirable to me, is his love and enjoyment of his work, and his love for the people that he served. It was a genuine love that can only be realized when someone loves enough to tell it like it is according to how they really believe it to be, while still holding the opinions of others as valid.

When you can carry enough clout to sign off with the phrase,

And Thats How It Is.

and have enough certainty in your psyche to have it be recognized as such by millions of people, I would have to take my hat off to the man and continue to study the methods used to make such a thing a reality.