Bill Clinton Gets Kim Jong Il To "CUT A PASS" To Detained Journalist

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The buzz on Twitter is in regards to the Bill Clinton initiated pardon issued by N.Korean head of state Kim Jong Il for the release of the two detained journalist captured for trespassing and border crossing.

I figured something like this may happen, and that Jong Il was simply looking to gain some leverage while at the same time, teach the female journalist and  their family members a lesson, yet as strange as it might sound, the fact that they both of are of Far East Asian ethnicity, most likely had something to do with the softening of stance.

Who needs the U.N. , when you have the Clinton Foundation along with Hillary Clinton at the head of the State Department of the U.S. simultaneously?  I will put it in another way.


The image above shows the Clinton Foundation along with Swiss jeweler Audemars Piguet on the same poster board. The Clintons
know people
, so chances are, some strings that most are not aware even exist , were pulled in order to get some satisfactory results. Think Swiss, then think bank accounts , then think about the cause of  expanding the scope and quality of global human writes!

Stay tuned, as August is already rockin and rollin, and we need to see what opens up after Guantanamo Bay closes, and business oppuritunities in Cuba open up. Wishful Thinking?

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