Self Reliance- A Vision For The Future


“Man is his own star; and the soul that can
Render an honest and a perfect man,
Commands all light, all influence, all

Nothing to him falls early or too late.
Our acts our angels are, or good or ill,
Our fatal shadows that walk by us still.”

You just cant seem to stay away can you? I am in the same predicament, so it appears that we are suffering from an acute case of Addiction.

Luckily for us both, with me creating and you co creating what we are viewing, its an exception to the fundamental rule of not getting high off your own supply!

What I am working on at this point is to come Jesus Style with the presentations. Before you fanatical types jump to conclusions and go run and tell, it simply means that I seek to parablize the content into a format that doesn’t require an individual to  be extra specially edumacated or think themselves to be, before they can get the message and apply it, so if you read further, the light will dawn on you.

As an example, I am concluding that you know what the word parabalize stands for, and once you do, consider the fact that the word did not exist until you just read it, as I had to add a word to the English language to make it suit our purposes so now you too, can learn the ways of the force if you continue to diligently follow along.

The topic for this entry is Self Reliance, which means the subject is aimed at yourself, myself, thyself, him/herself or anyone with a else with a self.

When I am not here typing or coordinating content, I spend a lengthy amount of time researching vast amounts of data regarding all types of subjects including marketing, religion, sociology, philosophy, politics,pop culture, technology, and whatever may be of interest in regards to the betterment of life .

The parable format translations are for simplicity and clarity so that you will leave with an enormous amount of data even though you may not be aware of how much you have aquired, due to the short time required to read and know.

Lets give you as the viewer, the meat and potatoes of what the individuals who are considered experts in each of their particular fields are seeking to convey, and if you are a vegetarian, you can just get by with the potatoes, and add some of the special gravy.

The poem which is located at the beginning of this post is from the essay known as Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson. If you are a literary and scholarly type, then this is something that can be considered as one of the great works in the field of American literate and language arts. If you wish to study his writings in depth, there is plenty of information available that can be found with a simple search engine query.

I , for the sake of this discussion, will just share the break down of what I am seeing as of late and how this essay and concept of self reliance  plays a part in our everyday lives.

First and foremost, it (Self Reliance) is actually listed as one of President Barack Obama’s favorite literary works on his Facebook Page, as for whatever reason, the commander and chief of the U.S.A. has a Facebook profile just like most of you, which I am pretty sure he checks on a regular basis, perhaps on his Presidential Pimpish Series Blackberry


I selected President Obama as a figure head for this discussion, due to a trend that I have been noticing over the years in regards to technology and life in general which he exemplifies.

The primary desire for tech goods and services really is based on empowerment and greater degrees of independence/ functionality.

While wacting a show earlier today, the thought hit home again when I saw
T-Mobile’s latest marketing campaign for their new
3G MyTouch Google Phones, where it states something to the effect that you and the phone become one.

That is some cold game, because I’d say that many people, especially young girls, do seem to have an extra plastic body part growing from their arms at this current time.

At least its somewhat useful, so maybe boobie phone implants are in the works !

It could be Blackberry, or iPhone, or My Touch etc. Used to connect to Facebook, Myspace, Or Twitter.

Whatever it is, technology is driven by our desires to be self reliant in greater capacities although it could have a reverse effect of making individuals more dependent on the tools needed for independence. Only time will tell.

As an example, the new buzz word for people these days is “app’s”, and if you want to be one of the cool kids, you need to have the latest and greatest app’s.

You may in fact be using some form of an app to view this online entry, so to give you a more thorough breakdown of what is being discussed when you say or hear the word, its simply an abbreviation for the word application.

What does it mean?
Lets Google it and see!!

ap·pli·ca·tion (?p’l?-k?’sh?n)
The act of applying.
Something applied, such as a cosmetic or curative agent.
The act of putting something to a special use or purpose: an application of a new method.
A specific use to which something is put: the application of science to industry.
A request, as for assistance, employment, or admission to a school.
The form or document on which such a request is made.
The capacity of being usable; relevance: Geometry has practical application in aviation and navigation.
Close attention; diligence: shows application to her work.
A request, as for assistance, employment, or admission to a school.
The form or document on which such a request is made.
Computer Science A computer program with a user interface.
adj. Computer Science also applications
Of or being a computer program designed for a specific task or use: applications software for a missile guidance system.

Between us, I believe that the world is headed for a total paradigm shift in regards to the concept of self reliance, as world citizens seek greater control over their own lives and destinies, and the tools being invented, developed and offered for this purpose at this point in history are not much different from the very first tools ever invented, which stem from a  human beings need to have greater control over their circumstances.

Have you ever really sat and considered what the theme of these Geico commercials are really attempting to convey ?

From what I can see, it’s just cutting down to the nitty gritty of certain elements of human existence and behavior, ugly and pretty sides both included, as the sign says,
So Easy, Even A Caveman Can Do It.

Application is the
act of applying, so I would say that the level of ease for the act determines the value of the app or like the techie people at Best Buy would say.. its User Friendliness.

The campaign that I am working towards promotiong here at is focused on that part of yourself or myself that makes the decision and has the desire for independence and self reliance in the first place.

What makes you want o be an entrepreneur? What makes you want to be a celebrity, writer, player, socialite , good friend or whatever you may find yourself using technology to be successful with?

Whatever it is, the pimpformation that is required and useful for helping you to get the best results will be found here in greater degrees as time progresses.

In closing, to demonstrate the logical side of the controversial craziness stance , before we pull back the curtains in the near future, I will leave you with a thought to ponder on.

It has been said that necessity is the MOTHER of ALL with that in mind, who would you conclude was the first , or one of the first individuals in the world with a demand for greater degrees of
Self Reliance?


Its Only Fiction.

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin