It's About Time We Had A Wise Latina Justice

Obama Supreme Court

Ever since Barack Obama became a viable candidate during the 2008 elections, all kinds of angry racists have made it a point to make themselves heard.  Everyone is showing their true colors and this is slowly killing the GOP (Grand Old Party aka The Southern Confederate Conservatives). It is one thing to be a racist hick or white supremacist, who you expect to spew hate about anything that promotes diversity, culture, or color. It’s another thing when you see our elected officials and law makers doing these same hateful things just to preserve their constituents.

I can go back to February 2008 and come up with a list of numerous incidents where racism was an issue within our government.  If we get technical, we can go back to the discovery of this great country and come up with a lot of bad things done to good people over skin color. Lets only go back a few weeks though.

When Justice Sonia Sotomayor was nominated by the President to be the first Latina to sit in the highest courts, all hell broke loose. Sotomayor was attacked over and over by Republican commentators and politicians about a comment she made in a 1994 speech:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion.”

What’s wrong with that? We should hope to bring a more diverse point of view to our highest courts being that our diverse country is made up of  12% blacks and 15% hispanics. According to the census, in 2042 the white race will be the minority race. So what is so wrong with our highest courts and offices representing the people that make up this country? Obviously there is nothing wrong with it unless you yourself have a problem getting along with other races.

This one liner is what the GOP used to rally the troops playing their race card day in and day out of the Sotomayor hearings.  Now being that 108 of 110 Supreme Court Justices have been white men, they really didn’t have any room to make this a target for attack.

Clips of some of the narrow minded things that were said during the hearings can be viewed here and here.

After one week of badgering, scolding and belittling by Republicans in the senate and after two weeks of waiting for the outcome…I am extremely proud to say that we finally have our first “wise” Latina Supreme Court Justice.  Congratulations Justice Sotomayor! History has been made!

Written By
T. Fasion
Code Name
August Candi