REPOST From 03 March 2009- I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday , For A Hamburger Today- Economical Insight

Welcome Back!
I guess its just another result of being born a bit different, as even as a child, I always had a tendency to pay close attention to things and explore the reasons why, as if I was aware that ALL things do have a cause and effect.

Today, we can take an introspective look at this cartoon scenario from the popular cartoon series,
Popeye The Sailor .

I pose these for questions for you to explore.

A.Did Wimpy actually have the funds needed to pay for his hamburger, even though he wanted to borrow ?

B.Did Wimpy ever offer Popeye or others something of equal value in exchange for the funds needed to purchase a hamburger ?

C.Did he ever receive that which he asked for, and if so, in exchange for what ?

D.If he did NOT have the funds needed at the day and time prior to Tuesday, by what means would he attain them to repay the loan on the promised day?

E.Which character in this particular script would you most closely identify with ?

Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.