The Crossroads- Scotty Pimpin Adventures. Live From MORONGO Casino!!

Whats really good?
For whatever reason, it appears that you have some interest in this far out jibber jabber that I seem to have an abundance of, yet as to the reasons why, I dont really know,yet regardless, the show must go on.

Its about 2 a.m on early Saturday and I just returned from a mission.
Before I share the events, I need to explain a key element of change that I seek to implement.

What I find wrong with the whole preachy, new age motivational speaker stance, is that I rarely ever believe that anyone really has their
stuff together enough to be able to guide others in such a way in the first place, and minus all of the fly sounding words, I tend to see little of the application of what is being said on their parts to make me believe it enough to try it myself.

The way I PIMP this brand of writing and producing is by just sharing my opinions and results from outings and experiences, so that we can build collectively and learn from each other, as it may simply help to know that none of us are truly alone in our experiences and thoughts about things , so here is the story.

I got kidnapped today, due to the fact that I stepped away from the web earlier, and when I woke up, I found myself in the parking lot of a popular Casino near the area that I live, known as
Sovereign Indian Nation Casino & Resort

If you are from or reside in Southern California, you have either visited or have at least heard about it, as it is a fairly popular attraction for people who like to spend and have it to spend.

As we walked into the elevator entrance booth, there immediately appeared two young fun loving ladies, one dressed in a form fitting skirt, and the other in form fitting jeans, and they both entered as we all arrived at the exact same time, so the night started off well.

As we stopped on the next floor on the way to the Casino, more people entered, and a young lady pulled out an i Phone from her purse to send a message to someone. I asked if she had the Morongo App, and she was a bit perplexed, and this will make a bit more sense as to why I asked this question in a bit, so stay with me.

We stepped on the floor at around 10:30 p.m. or so and it was fairly crowded, which would be expected on a Friday Night. Being in the house for much of the summer writing and creating, it felt somewhat overwhelming, even though in all actuality, according to my usual or normal personality, I would feel right at home.

Cutting to the chase , after losing a few pennies on slot games, and finishing a glass of beer, my mood became somewhat distant and observant, and it actually started as soon as we arrived in the parking garage, even though the place was live, loud, and full of people.

Sometime later, around 12, I somehow slipped into a deep thought moment for about 25 minutes, walking around and observing, so lets look at the crossroads of thought.


In one direction was the idea that this was the exact place that I should be , due to all of the action and good times being had, not to mention the amounts of money flowing, as I can confirm that the economic crisis of the world was given a night off, so my mind began to search for ways to make it serve me, although I did not have a camera with me, as I was willfully kidnapped before remembering to bring it.

Seems simple enough, yet on the other end, an unusual thought came into my mind due to my mood, which was that I was actually out of place even though the action was thick. When I look at it, its just a fact that it is not new territory, meaning for the nightlife scenery, I had already mastered it by the age of 23 years, yet I am a few years older now. With as many young ladies and fun fellows that were there, me not opening my mouth would indicate to those who know me, that I must have been in a zone and not my normal self.

To make this one brief, because its time for me to rest, I simply question whether or not, I am getting soft in myolder age, and beginning to slack in my mack, because it wasn’t until I had left that I had a slight  interested in being social.

On the flip side, which was indicated by the question to the girl with the iPhone and inquiring about an application that I dont believe exists yet, I can automatically see oppurtunities in various areas, to convince me that there is no recession where there is progression, and I started thinking about reality show/move scripts, hotel and club events, and other things that would make things better and generate more cash flow and make for a more enjoyable show.

Am I going soft in the game, or am I just looking to conquer grounds other than the same continuous plot? Let me sleep on it, and see what comes back, yet if Mornongo still got some publicity from this post in an off beat yet innovartive way, well, it(prodcutivity) is probably just in my veins, more so than in my head.