(Repost) Tune In And Tell A Friend – Love Reciprocation Initiative

(Editors Note – May 17th 2010)
This entry received an overwhelming response back in November of 2008 when it was created, and that of course was the month of the historic election of now President Barack Obama.

Judging by what I am seeing with the increased popularity of Facebook and Twitter, LOVE RECIPROCATION is an even more prevalent desire than it was before as it is fairly safe to expect that people do desire feedback from others in exchange for what they put out, so we can simply consider this as a focus point for finding solutions that works for everyone involved.

Lets get it done.

(End Note)

Well folks, it appears that I have been blessed with a great job, and for whatever reason, it is one that was NOT  given to me by
The Man“.

Today, I am going to do something that is very unique for me, which is to ASK FOR YOUR HELP!

This is Why YOU Are Important,
even though you may have been believing other wise until now.

If you can recall all of the events prior to , lets say, November 6th, you will finally see why your views and opinions matter.

The actual factuals about the situation here on earth are that
Life Is what YOU Make It.

I emphasize the word YOU because that is in fact where the solution resides.
I am going to be letting you in on the secrets of success that you can apply and get  excellent results for yourself, beginning with this simple scenario.

A common issue that currently effects the society at large is the AILING ECONOMY.
Let me ask you a simple question.

What Came First??
A. People
B.The Economy

So that you dont waste brain cells on figuring out the simple answer, I well tell you that what I am conveying simply communicates that the economy and every other condition in the world,
are results of what and how the people in the world it make it .

YOU are one of those people, and a very important one at that as YOU have the best ability to change how
things are for the better.

Obviously, there will be a need for sound leadership and examples, and sense that is what YOU asked for, WE all now have it, due to the fact that the OLD way of thinking and doing has shown not so good results.
To emphasize your importance again, it was YOU that made it happen,with your votes and support of change, so it is YOU that has the Power,
and it is YOU who is truly THE BOSS…

We Just Work Here, Sweeping And Mopping Floors!

So on that note, since I lead by example, Ill let you in on a tip, that will surely keep you in a PIMPISH mind frame, and lead to equally Pimpish  results, if that is your desire.

Whenever I push these buttons,or run my mouth,
I tend to feel empowered by the fact that I am able to PUT YOU UP ON IT.

Well, its going to be a different stance for a few people, along with different results, yet for most of the people that I know, and even those who I haven’t met yet, whenever they come up on something of worth, the first thing that tends to happen is that they want to go and floss to their friends, so that they can ask where they can go to get what they have in order to GET ON THEIR LEVEL.

Its like Kanye says in one of his songs

Rollies and Pasha’s they done drove me crazy
I can’t even pronounce nothing, pass that versace!
Then I spent 400 bucks on this
Just to be like nigga you ain’t up on this!

Kanye West -All Falls Down

Thats the PIMP way to handle business, so YES, it is a large part of the reason why I do what I do, which you can tell by simply taking a few clicks around this international space station
That is MY little bit of SELFISH INTEREST, and hey,
we are ALL HUMAN.. RIGHT???

Even greater is the fact that YOU TOO now have the same ability, and I am asking for your help by applying the same principle, which is the new legislation that I have set into effect as of today.


We can then better continue to offer you more and more , greater and greater pieces of this thing that you have come to know and love…

its YOUR SITE!!!

In closing for those somewhat smart individuals who in the past have recited the age old adage that
it appears that that is only half the story and the other half will now be revealed.

That type of thinking tends to best apply to those that only HAVE A TINY BIT OF GAME, and are in fear of running out, so they sometimes make an attempt to ration it out and comment on my naivety, in giving away so much for FREE like an idiot.

The strange part about this scenario is that the opposite result is what always transpires, so that those who were in fear of running out , have seem to have run dry all across the board, where as
Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com has barely left the starting line,
so that some of those SAME individuals in question are actually the ones reading this post along with you , in line for some “FREE GAME” that I am so foolish to give away so abundantly.

Its the same ole story.

Happy Holidays!!
Bon Appetite-
Compliments Of Yours Truly.

This and much more will start to flow in your direction, and you will begin to better learn how to harness the fullness of your own innate Jedi Powers, starting with applying the first principle.
Tune In And Tell A Friend.

In closing, my “orders from up top” are that If It is
Given to Me,
I Am To Give It To You.

Its Simple, and I will state that the Good Life is really only Good when it is shared and enjoyed with others .
Just Like Pizza,

so get your slice and share with your friends.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin