"The Worst Is Over" Ben Bernake- Federal Reserve Chairman

“We must work together to build on the gains already made to secure a sustained economic recovery”
Ben Bernake-Fed Reserve Conference

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This is a valuable piece of good news if you are interested in such matters. for those who may not be familiar with the name and face, the picture and quote are from
Dr. Ben Shalom Bernanke, the current acting Board Chairman for The Federal Reserve Bank Board Of Governors.

He is actually an avid economist who’s combination of knowledge of standard economic fundamentals and keen abilities to asses emerging and changing standards make him a well respected authority in the field of economics.
A summary of one of his most famous speeches which has become known as the Bernake Doctrine can be viewed by clicking here.

My personal stance is again that the condition of all things created by and for people, will be shown to be directly correspondent to the condition of individuals and groups, beginning with the attitude, which is why it is stated that his outlook is optimistic, which is, in fact, a state of mind and being. Working together to build upon gains already made, to me, translates to working together to make increased improvements and less excuses.

A different perspective to consider.

Stimulus Is LAW,
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