Tyra Banks Starts An Internet Magazine!


Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out,

As I was channel surfing earlier, I tuned in to see what Tyra was talking about as my cousin and I both thought she looked kinda fly with the natural curl style  thing she is now representing.

It just so happened that at the end of the show, she spoke about her new Internet Magazine, which she calls a  “magaline”, and I had to wonder who in the world would think of such a far out thing to do , starting an Internet Only Magazine, which in her case, is dedicated specifically to her craft and expertise, which is fashion?

None the less, since I love it when a plan comes together and have been wondering for years if there is a better way to describe what an
Internet Magazine is and  how one functions, it looks like Tyra has brought me peace of mind by taking it upon herself to give it a new moniker, as she is actually a tad bit familiar with the workings of a traditional print magazine, and for whatever saw an Internet Magazine as a sound venture to add to her already flourishing media empire.

I did my research to find out what her philosophical stance was, as individuals who start publications, whether online or in traditional print format, have a tendency to behave in this manner, and since I am aware that a cool capability that an Internet Magazine has is the ability to promote and publicize another Internet Magazine, here it is from Tyras on words, complements of a NY Daily News online article.


“I’m really interested in helping women take control of their futures, take control of their destiny. One of my lines in my manifesto on the Web site is to be the CEO of your own life, be in control of your own life,”
– Tyra Banks

As the saying goes.
Even Online, It Aint Easy.

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
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Scotty Pimpin