The Popularity Of The Pimp And Ho Party- Part 1

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This entry is one that has actually been a long time coming, and for whatever reason, current events have shown that the moment has arrived to in a sense, set the record straight, in order to better make progress and continue to elevate.

Before I get into it, once again, we are following the road map of authentic conversation, and this is actually somewhat of a marketing and quality assurance post, to get our supporters involved with what it is that they see, as again, it is actually YOUR SHOW, and we just work here, sweeping and mopping floors, so the story is as follows.

Anyone with a quarter of a brain should be able to put together that with the name of this publication being what it is, there have been numerous individuals who have passed through these parts in anticipation of seeing a certain type of display, and have left somewhat disappointed when they found something different.

The story becomes interesting when you look at it from the perspective of the person who is typing this entry, as you will get a chance to put yourself in my shoes to see how you would respond to the circumstances.

On one side of the equation, whenever this scenario happens, such as times in recent past summers, during a very popular Pimp And Ho Party, that used to be held yearly in Las Vegas, there are always individuals offering inquires about these events as if we are the ones who are behind it and other such events.

With the amount of potential profits involved, you can imagine what a struggle it is to choose to disassociate with these events as the theme has grown popular globally, as indicated by the flyer below for a Pimp and Ho Party in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The other side of the equation shows that based on what I know about the actual facts about things, the key ingredient which actually sets individuals known as PIMPS in a non fictional sense, apart from the rest, is a character trait known as integrity, and any participation in something that is contradictory will nullify the stance in the first place, even though, in the short term, it could lead to a few dollars in the pot.

As much as I am hesitant to say it, race does in fact play a tremendous part in this whole story, so we can actually work together to figure out ways that are fair and just for everyone, as at the end of the day as well as the beginning, the bottom and top line is business, and the product is in fact a great time.

Over the years, I have actually noticed a decline in this once widely popular theme party, and I actually predicted the causes when I first began to see how the events and ideas behind them were being presented.

Truth be told, although it is a costume ball based on a traditionally
African American culture concept, the culture that it corresponds to is something that the individuals who subscribe to it take as serious as perhaps a
Klu Klux Klan member takes his or her affiliations with that particular cause.

Yes, I said Klu Klux Klan, yet its simply for shock value, to demonstrate the seriousness of the matter, as the same could be said about the value that anyone places on their own particular core beliefs, and not to classify the Pimp & Ho subculture and or others as hate groups.

The question in this case is as to why it tends to be Caucasians that are usually shown making a  mockery of ethnic cultures concepts, where as members from other cultures are rarely if ever shown making a mockery of traditionally Euro-centric culture themes?

When my book is finally released, we will be able to reflect as to the actual cause of this scenario, and what took place in Hollywood during the 60’s, and 70’s which led to the creation of the genre known as Blaxploitation, which is what you actually see taking place with these types of events to a certain extent.

The story takes an even more interesting turn, when you discover that in actuality, I don’t hold the individuals who participate in these events responsible, because it again, is all in the name of fun and personal enjoyment and fulfillment and with a bit of open and honest communication, it can turn into an opportunity to establish and maintain solid and harmonious relationships

Over the years, I have had certain individuals that felt somewhat embarrassed about the issue after I shed light on the matter, yet in all actuality, I believe that it is actually in the interest of the greater good that these events have grown in popularity, and are a hot selling ticket throughout the year in various parts of the world.

Date Listed 27/11/2009
Address Lansdowne, Cape Town, South Africa
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TONIGHT AT ONE TWELVE, 139 WETTON ROAD, LANSDOWNE, (above pizza palace) A PIMP & HO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

It appears that there is definitely some form of of a need being served, through all of these activities and interest in the subject of Pimps And Ho’s, and we are focused on getting to the bottom of what it all represents, in order to bring you a to status of existence that is worth the bucks spent for a bang.

With all of that out of the way, we can can consider ourselves partially educated, and now turn our attention towards the part of the story that
really matters, which is reflected in the imagery below.

Pimp And Ho Party In Japan ?

Be sure to tune in to the next part of this entry, where we will further explore the reasons why we all do what we do, as we shed light on the fact that the concept of being PimpHop Approved’ exists for a sound and valid reason!

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