Game Tips- 3 Simple Steps To Achieving TRUE V.I.P. Status


Welcome Home!
I need to go ahead and add this entry before of the start of the
Lakers vs. Rockets game, so I selected a topic that is a cinch to achieve which is an elevated status, even though many believe it to be the exact opposite.

Here are the steps, if you want to give them a shot, go ahead, it cant hurt.

A.Find at least one person in your environment that you can help with something. It can be something inexpensive regarding your time, such as opening a door, letting someone go ahead of you in a line,kudos for a job well done, etc. Its called a gesture of esteem.

B.Do that solid for that person , with the remembrance that you are doing it simply because YOU CAN, and expect absolutely nothing in return for it. They may offer it,you may or may not accept it, but don’t EXPECT anything in return or it will not work for you.

C. Give it approximately 2-5 minutes after the deed of good will is completed, remember the feeling of doing the solid just because you were able, and see if you start to feel more and more like a PIMP about yourself.

The more you do this, the more the feeling will increase, even though you may still believe it to be more complicated, but for those willing to try out something different, try it out, and remember where you got the game from.