Change – Viewer Appreciation Day

Welcome Home!
We are nearing the end of the second month of the new year/millennium, and I am getting an early start on my Spring cleaning duties, so your patience during the building phase is appreciated.

Whether or not its the most important part of the process remains to be seen, yet I know for certain that my favorite part of the mission, is in the production of the content that you are viewing, and this particular subject regarding  change will actually shed  light on the reasons why.

As a New Years/Decade resolution, it has been decided that taking different and more refined courses of action is required to achieve better results than the previous outings and that is a basic explanation of the word known as CHANGE.

Speaking from the heart is something that will remain as it has always resulted in desirable results, so this topic will follow suit.

What I tend to notice first and foremost is a general slowing of growth and expansion across the board, and it can only point to some form of a thought and action process which is contrary to change, as it appears that wasting time is the new normal.

I may very well have to do with online social networking and the philosophy behind it, yet and still one key area of CHANGE on my part is to limit the amount of time and energy dedicated to idle chatter.

Each year as usual, around the middle of December, I begin to hear and see many resolutions in regards to how the incoming year will be the one that counts, yet I also see the same exact behavior which leads to a repeat of the same thing over and over again with no actual progress made, and of course I wonder why.

From what I have researched, this tendency is commonly known as
setting yourself up for failure,or self sabotage and has something to do with an individuals inability or reluctance to take action and steps in a different direction.

This is said to stem from a fear of the unfamiliar which leads people to be stuck in a rut of familiarity( comfort zone) which leads to nowhere or somewhere even worse.

When I monitor my own proceeding, I often use a valuable tool which may reflect an even deeper reason for my tendency to share my thoughts and emotions on a consistent basis, which is to monitor and measure my progress and growth by referring to the archive list which is located in the right hand column of the screen.

A link to the month of February 2009 can be found here.

The results which I am satisfied with are kept, and the ones that I feel can be done away with are purged by simply doing away with the thoughts, feelings, and actions which led to those results.

What I do tend to notice again, which is cause for concern, is the amount of individuals who are not evolving due to this simple formula not being applied, and it seems to point to a reluctance to move ahead
(excel) for the sake of simply trying to stay caught up with the group, which is defined as (mediocrity).

From a creative standpoint, it shows up as a lack of innovation because individuals simply seek to expand on what is currently being done, which again tends to lead to nowhere but a state known as redundancy.

As easy as it sounds to make a change, even I myself am confronted with the scenario on a continuous basis.

This post can serve as an example because while typing it, my thoughts are telling me that it requires thought to process it, and since it is way beyond a 140 character limit, many will seek to discard it for something less taxing on the mind.

I still enter it for my own sake and leave it on the table for any who may find it useful, as my belief is that the human mind is in fact like a muscle, and with a lack of exercise , it is most likely to become weak, sick, and dysfunctional.

Of course we do have economic turmoil to deal with, yet I believe that the condition of the economy and all things made by humans are direct results of the conditions of the humans in a society.

For your own viewing pleasure and education benefit, here is a chart as well as a link to a online resource that explains the matter from an expert perspective in clear detail.

For most people behavior change occurs gradually over time, with the person progressing from being uninterested, unaware, or unwilling to make a change (precontemplation), to considering a change (contemplation), to deciding and preparing to make a change (preparation). This is followed by definitive action, and attempts to maintain the new behavior over time (maintenance). People can progress in both directions in the stages of change. Most people will “recycle” through the stages of change several times before the change becomes fully established (Zimmerman et al., 2000).

From a Pimp perspective it would flow as follows.

Change is synonomus with money for a reason, as currency does in fact circulate, so if you wish to check if the idea is valid,, simply walk into a store and ask the cashier if they can give you change for a $20 dollar bill, and when they retrieve the change out of the register, see if they will give you the change without you offering the $20 dollar bill.

Moral of the story?
CHANGE– You need to have some to offer in order to receive it, which is known as even exchange.
Get it?   ex-CHANGE. (Rylan Branch, et al.,2010)

Appreciation- Increasing in value.
Depreciation- Decreasing in value.

Viewer Appreciation = Increase in viewer value.

Got it?
Good, now on with the show.