Are You Muy Importante?

(T.G.I.M.) Thank God Its Monday!
The direction for Spring is forward, and since we tend to keep our own schedule here at Your Friendly Neighborhood, we can get started today as there is really no time like the present.

This week, I have decided to devote some quality study time towards a concept that in my opinion, is of extreme importance, and the subject matter is just that.. importance.



1.of much or great significance or consequence: an important event in world history.

2.mattering much (usually fol. by to): details important to a fair decision.

3.entitled to more than ordinary consideration or notice: an important exception.

4.prominent or large: He played an important part in national politics.

5.of considerable influence or authority, as a person or position: an important scientist.

6.having social position or distinction, as a person or family: important guests.

Between us as friends, I believe that I have grown as weary of hearing me preach my speech as some of our readers are, so I will be making some forward movement adjustments to these entries by acting as more of a thought provoker and discussion initiator, encouraging you to
fill in your own blanks

From what I can see, there appears to be an all out subliminal declaration of war, in regards to gaining a sense and status of importance all over the place, whether on the television while Dancing With The Stars, or performing on American Idol looking to avoid receiving the boot from Heaven, or Hollywood as a more accurate term.

Of course there is this new hang out spot in the world that we currently find ourselves present in, known as the Internet, whether on a PC or Smartphone, so I will just take the initiative and get the ball rolling by working towards getting to the bottom of this word and what it actually entails for me personally while inviting you to do the same.

I have often heard it said in the language of the hood as follows.

You are only as important as you are USEFUL and NECESSARY.

Lets investigate and have some fun while we are at it.

A different perspective to consider.