One Common Cause – 2010 Winter Wrap Up

Welcome Home.
The last official day of the winter season is upon us, which is an ideal time to prepare for whats in store for the future, and from the looks of it, through coming across the image and poem above which allows me to offer something good to you and provide exposure for it and credit the author simultaneously, we are headed in the right direction.

Think Ahead–> Move Ahead.
Its is the motto that I follow, yet it is also always wise to reflect on the past to consider what needs to be kept in the present and brought along to the future, and what is best purged and done without.

It is with this process that I set my new year/decade resolutions, and this entry is actually a progress report of sorts. I would most likely give myself and those who have worked along with us an A grade, yet perhaps its just due to a personal bias that I have towards myself, yet it gets good results so let it be.

Ninety percent of the things that we have set out to accomplish for the first season of the new year had been achieved, with the other ten percent left for reevaluation and it has been revealed through recent personal experiences, that when it comes to things, they either rise and grow together or disintegrate and fall apart.

Keeping this entry brief and to the point, the area of focus is as follows.

Become a part of a cause that is bigger than yourself.

It is up to each and everyone of us to decide what this entails and whether or not it works for us, so again, this is just a statement of what works for me.

Welcome to Spring 2010.
If you have made it this far, in my opinion, it means that you are doing great!