YOU – Today's Discussion Topic


1.the pronoun of the second person singular or plural, used of the person or persons being addressed, in the nominative or objective case: You are the highest bidder. It is you who are to blame. We can’t help you. This package came for you. Did she give you the book?; anyone; people in general: a tiny animal you can’t even see.

3.(used in apposition with the subject of a sentence, sometimes repeated for emphasis following the subject): You children pay attention. You rascal, you!

4.Informal. (used in place of the pronoun your before a gerund): There’s no sense in you getting upset.

a.yourself; yourselves: Get you home. Make you ready.
b.a pl. form of the pronoun ye.
6.something or someone closely identified with or resembling the person addressed: Don’t buy the bright red shirt—it just isn’t you. It was like seeing another you.

7.the nature or character of the person addressed: Try to discover the hidden you.

T.G.I.F. (Thank God Its Freeday)

Whats good with you?
As for me, I decided to go easy on myself in regards to settling upon a relevant topic of discussion, and when asking myself what I believed it to be, the answer came to me while making my social networking rounds, which in my mind, translates as follows.

“Player, it’s right in front of your face”,

and it shows that the number one area of interest for viewers on the Internet social networks is in fact YOU.

Interestingly enough through a Google search to see what the top rated website for the word “you” is,  a site that we all are familiar with which happens to be owned by Google Inc. showed up, which you can refer to at your leisure by clicking the blue highlighted text link above.

Even more interesting, in a discussion with my business partner yesterday, we both agreed that further work needs to be done in the area of helping individuals to grasp the concept of an Internet Magazine and its validity, so while deciding to go easy on myself,  I recalled that a print magazine that a majority of individuals are familiar with listed their person of the year of 2007 as “You”, with an explanation of how you actually control the Information Age, with a PC  used as a description image, so on that note, the issue image is now being viewed by you on an Internet Magazine, in an age and world which this household name publication states that you control, so be sure to contact us at the  link in the task bar above to see if we may be of service to you with that thought in mind.

On to more important matters, which is obviously the subject of you.

What should I say?
(fill in the blank_________)

I do, for some mysterious reason have a special interest in of the stories of others, to the extent that there is a yet to be released book on the subject of “you”, authored by me, ready for publishing, so be on the lookout.

In closing, we have at long last selected our very first Home Page Cover Model for this online publication, now live and direct, who was flown out west to represent for the cause, and we invite you to consider working together with us in regards to this cause if it is one that you take seriously and find worthy of your interest.

As a bonus tip and pondering point for the last weekend of March 2010 heading into the Easter Holiday, it has been stated by the wise since the beginning of time, that the first and most important step on the path.

"Know Thyself"

Yes, that means YOU, also spelled as

A different perspective to consider.