Healthcare – A Numbers Game According To Obama

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Before we begin today’s proceedings, let the record reflect the truth of the matter, which is that this post was inspired by seeing the image above on one the social networking outlet image galleries for President Obama, and feeling like it was something pimpish looking that would fit in perfectly on this online publication as it is congruent all the way down to the color scheme.

This type of thinking tends to lead to correct decisions time and time again, and it will most likely all show to in fact be a numbers game when the big picture finally comes together.

The White House website seems to have taken the initiative to demonstrate this idea, and we at Your Friendly Neighborhood will simply follow the leader and lend our support.

In regards to more important matters, I actually had the opportunity to watch a C-SPAN segment with Mitt Romney last week, who is known around the world as a heavy hitter in regards to big business and economics.

He actually had some insightful things to say before he turned his sights on Barack Obama and what he believes are missteps in his prioritizing of issues to be addressed and resolved for the nation.

The common argument is that while all of the matters on the desk and mind of The President actually matter, including foreign and domestic conflicts, energy, taxes, etc. the most important subject matter facing the nation is in regards to the economy and job creation, and that President Obama has placed healthcare reform at the highest level of importance, which is out of sync with his campaign promises. This has caused me to reflect on what my own personal opinions are regarding the matter.

As usual, I came to the conclusion that this subject has already been adressed in clear detail in June of 2009 in an entry entitled
Healthcare & The Economy -The Realest Talk.

I will read it at another time to see if my thoughts have changed any, yet for now, the question still remains which is

Can a sick person work efficiently and produce sufficiently?

In regards to being a head of state, I would agree with President Obama regarding the placement of the health status of the nation at the highest level of importance, yet this would contradict much of what the popular opinion leads many to believe which is that economic hardships are the cause of health issues and not vice versa.

I will close by stating that in my humble opinion, while health insurance is of importance, health ensure-ance is of the essence and the most effective method of reform.

As a bonus tip to ensure that your decision to read this entry was an excellent investment of time, according to many experts, there actually is a very simple and effective way to be sure, and that way is to just

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