Friends With Benefits

friends with benefits

Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.

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It appears that your filthy mind let your fingers walk to this destination to check up on things, yet a benefit of being friends with us is that your interests are held in strict confidence if you are more of a private person.

Over the weekend, while putting the finishing touches on our new formats and gathering our thoughts for the course in which we will travel, much thought was placed on the subject of social networking on the Internet, which basically encompasses a fundamental cornerstone of life, which is human relationships.

Facebook has shown itself as the second highest visited website on the planet, and the term that is most frequently referenced is friends, so in anticipation of the upcoming release of the revolutionary personal computer, known as the iPad, we felt it best to go ahead and raise the bar for the whole entire world wide web, by adding the term benefit to that utmost popular word friend.


1.something that is advantageous or good; an advantage: He explained the benefits of public ownership of the postal system.
2.a payment or gift, as one made to help someone or given by a benefit society, insurance company, or public agency: The company offers its employees a pension plan, free health insurance, and other benefits.
3.a theatrical performance or other public entertainment to raise money for a charitable organization or cause.
4.Archaic. an act of kindness; good deed; benefaction.

–verb (used with object) do good to; be of service to: a health program to benefit everyone.

If we may, lets touch on the subject of sex briefly as it may have been the motive behind your investment of time in reading this entry.
Another upgrade that is being implemented into the script here at is for the cause and effect of healthy and satisfactory sexual relationships, as there is in fact a large amount of interest in the subject that draws individuals to cyberspace, which gives the term sex traffic a whole new meaning.

The worlds most visited site before Facebook is Google, and there is an interesting story regarding the fact that their censors actually block out any search terms deemed as sexually explicit for a reference display. If you wish to test it for yourself, type in the word ass, porno, etc. into the search field, then type in a term like love, money, or any non sexual term and compare and contrast the differences.

More on that coming soon, but for now, the definition of friends with benefits as provided by concerns casual sexual relationships, which is most likely what you know it as also.

To each his/her own, along with the end results, yet the emphasis for this post is in regards to the word benefits, so with the definition listed above, the question that is posed to you today, since YOU is the most important subject on the Internet, as shown last week, is as follows.

Are you a friend with benefits?

It is a simple question, yet one that carries much weight, as it causes us all to focus on the ways that we benefit others through our friendships, as opposed to how the friendships of others benefit us, and since we lead by example here at, a question that was posed to us on our Facebook page yesterday, which inspired this entry is as follows.

Vikash Agarwal what is this @pimphop is all about


PimpHop Staff

PimpHop Staff
helping our friends out.
Sounds simple enough to us, plus being a “build the plane while it’s in flight type of person” leads me to move over to should it be beneficial.

Anyhow, the point of this entry really is in regards to what is known as mutual benefit because as a matter of self respect and integrity, I believe we should all expect equal in exchange for what we give, including but not limited to… benefit.

It for whatever reason appears that many women and a few men, see something in regards to sexual favors as beneficial, yet I as a certain type of man, as controversial as it may sound, would be the first to state that I have never met any woman in my thirty six years of existence who did not have the same thing that actually classifies a woman as a woman, and this can be considered as a major turning point in the concept of human relationships online and off by setting a higher standard for what makes a person useful to another outside of sexuality.

At the end, we have good news for you, because in my honest opinion, the most valuable and beneficial thing that a person has is actually their character, and although various cultures have different definitions of good and poor character traits, the common consensus that I have found amongst the many that I have experienced first hand is that generosity is a good look, and selfishness a poor one.

Again, to each his own, and if you are in fact a beneficial friend, we ask that you simply push a few buttons and spread the word about this message to your friends as it is in my view, as beneficial to create a good thing as it is to let others know where the good things can be found, or more simply put,
sharing is caring.

Stay Tuned.

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