INDEPENDENCE – Get It/Got It In Writing

A Special Note From Yours Truly - RB


in·de·pend·ence [ ìndə péndənss ] NOUN

1. freedom from control: freedom from dependence on or control by another person, organization, or state

2. beginning of political freedom: the date or point in time when a state achieves its political independence
“the first elections since independence”


Independence = Throwing Up The Deuces


Greetings Earthlings, and a most gracious and happy Independence Day for those in The U.S.A. and others across the galaxy who celebrate it.

This is simply a special note addressed to those interested in such matters, and as a solution for the blurry $2 Dollar Bill image at the beginning of this entry, the image immediately above this paragraph is a clear shot of the reverse side depicting the signing of The Declaration Of Independence, which leads to an even more blurred of an image more thoroughly investigated and explained as a theory regarding the first official African American President of the U.S. that preceded George Washington which can be reviewed by clicking this link.

As far as what it represents to yours truly, its simply yet another different perspective to consider.