It's All About YOU – Women's Self Esteem Tips With R.B.

(T.G.I.F.) Thank God Its Freeday!

The wise say that the American Dream Realized, is actually doing something that you enjoy and earning a living, and ever since I was a teenager, I had this idea in mind which reflects a vacation as a vocation type of outlook.

With that said, it usually requires that one reflect on the things that an individual finds enjoyable and excels at, gets requested for, and does without being told to do it, which translates into what is known as ones life calling.

At this point, based on what I am seeing on a daily basis, it appears that the time has come to get back to basics, which is simply what the title of this post states.

It’s All About YOU

Making the story simple so that we can get to the good part, as of this month, I will be concentrating more of my time and energies to this very subject matter for those who may find it useful which in pop culture is currently being referred to as Life Coaching.

I have a personal blog as well as a few social networking outlets dedicated to this particular matter, and the introduction on my Myspace profile is as follows.

I Am The Game’s “F5” Button.

I am here to do the job that I was Born And Raised To Do, which is to  Help You Reach Your FULL POTENTIAL As A Woman”

I have a proven track record of SUCCESS, only work with
THE BEST, and references are available upon request.

Lets work on something together.
Rylan Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin

Long story short, it is simply a challenege that I have taken upon myself, to eliminate the word “not (___) enough”  in all of the descriptions in the header image above, and replace them with the term “more than(_____)enough! ”

Of course it requires your input, as it is a part of what comes with the territory of having it be all about you, so the video provided was made two or so years ago regarding a unique perspective in regards to exactly what I find pleasurable in a woman.

The links to these resources are as follows. (Personal Blog) (Myspace Profile)
(Facebook Profile) (Twitter Profile)

Of course things will flow as usual at Your Friendly Neighborhood, and you can just consider this as leading by example by inventing more effective ways to be of service, which is the foundation of self esteem.

See You @ The Top!