iPad Celebrity?

The moment that the world has been eagerly awaiting is now in the history books as Apple iPad debuts with 300k sold on the first day of it’s long anticipated release.

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It may be wishful thinking on my part, as I typed in the term iPad Celebrity in a search query and found that it was yet another original concept, so with that said, since this is in fact an online publication, the choice of what you wish to see ultimately rests in your hands, as the header image shows the
NY Daily News featured on the device, and our current promotion for the day featured via Twitter is as follows.

If ur 1 of the 300K iPAD Holders, Submit Pics Showing www.PimpHop.com on it, and we will Post Them. send pics 2 [pr@pimphop.com] #iPad

From the looks of the video, it appears that the star of the show really is you, so if you are an active participant in the game of life, consider this as a kick off for whats in store.

A different perspective to consider.