(Repost) Plus & Minus- The Philosophy Of R.B. Code Name Scotty Pimpin

(Editors Note – April 06,  2010)

It’s the first Tuesday Newsday of the month, and today I decided to look into the archives to see if I could find a fitting post to start the day with.

In order to ensure that I live up to my word, which is that

“I am here to help those in need”,

I took the usual steps of asking about what it was that I would want to see in an online publication as a person who is in it to win it, and my own philosophy showed up in front of my face, which indicates that the ability to think for ones self goes a long way in regards to a bright sunny day, yet again, it is just what works for me, and I decided to share with those who may find it useful.

Bon Appetite.

(End Note)

Happy Friday!
Its back to the grind, as my weekend actually comes to a close on Friday morning. Its just a consequence of residing in a parallel universe , which while enjoyable, does require some getting used to.

Today as usual, I am just speaking my piece, and leaving some of my words on the table for those who may find some interest,value, or humor in them, as I tend to believe in myself as much as I do in others if not more so depending on the circumstances.

Over the years, through various research and studies of different beliefs and philosophies of people past and present, I have come to the conclusion that one primary concept and principle is present in each, and it is
the principle of pluses and minuses, which is represented by the symbol in the image above. I would be willing to wager that any individual in any place at any point in time since the beginning and till the end can identify with these symbols and what they represent, so we can assume that they are universal truths.

When ever I take the time to ponder on my goals as well as my own circumstances and the circumstances of others, I always come to the conclusion that the application of this principle will determine each and every outcome for better or worse, which are actually two conditions that can be represented by the plus and minus symbols.

In regards to how I apply them, this Pimpformation is only shared with myself and others whom I believe are worthy and have paid the appropriate dues, yet its just what works for me and leads to my own personal desired results.

If you know about “The Game”, it is practiced as somewhat of a religion in certain areas of the globe, one of which is in The San Fransisco Bay Area in Northern California.

I am still expanding and having fun exploring the mysteries of plus /minus mechanics as a student , and I aspire to elevate to levels which match and or supersede those which are featured in the video clip below based on the philosophies of a San Fransisco native and Student Of The Game.

With the amount of uncertainty that exists on Planet Earth at present time, I believe it will be rewarding for you to at least  know for certain that the plus & minus factor is more certain than the actual definition of certainty itself, which is a pretty high degree of certainty..
( That Did Sound Philosophical , Didn’t it?)

Lets see what we can work on together!

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top

( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin