48 Laws Of Power – Book Review

Greetings Earthlings!

It was in the year 2001 that I purchased this book, before it became popular in Pop Culture, and interestingly enough, I was in the Barnes and Nobel in search of something spectacular to pick up, and that thing… Fly Women that enjoy reading.

We all have our motivations for what we do, and I am always at liberty to share my true intentions with any who ask, as the signs are showing that transparency in leadership is an attractive trait.

I was actually employed at an information technology company during the time that I was reading this book, and recall that a wise gentleman in the technical support department asked me if it was a Christian Book, with a look of disdain as he saw the title of the book on my desk.

I had enough respect for him and the way that he carried himself to record the statement to memory for a later date which is now, nearly ten years later.

The book had some interesting scenarios to share, some of which I could relate to very easily, yet the most important factor for me regarding this
work is in regards to how it caught on with urban culture which helped to dispute a long standing stereotype and myth, which is that certain types of individuals from minority ethnic groups simply do not read, or have a genuine interest in literature.

Some years later, a good friend of mine actually composed a book of his own based on some of the same principles, with a writing style more familiar with the language of the streets.

Pimpology - 48 Laws Of Game - by Pimpin' Ken Ivy

You can simply click this link to gain access to the material or visit your local large or small chain bookstore and grab a copy.

Anyhow, this book was released after much discourse was held about the 48 Laws Of Power book and theme by some popular Hip Hop notables, and the below video will describe how the playing field is leveling out in clear detail.

You can check out the Curtis Jackson rendition at this link.

As for my own personal opinion, which may have been what brought you, again, time spent showing you is better than time spent telling you, and for those who frequent these parts, who wonder about how I seem to remain in a jovial, out of touch with reality type of mood, it is simply due to what I know, and have envisioned since the creation of this online publication crystallizing, which is that this website actually holds more relevant pimpformation in its archives than all of these works combined, and with the new digital publishing revolution taking place with the new devices to help viewers get the most relevant news and content on demand, the unpublished content that has been waiting to be shared by me now has a suitable outlet.

In closing, when it comes to the status known as P.I.M.P. , you can call it game or power, but whatever you call it, know for certain this simple rule is a Law Of Truth.

“Those Who LACK IT,  HUNGER FOR IT, While Those Who HAVE IT, PREPARE IT And SERVE IT.” – Rylan Branch

How can you gain some for yourself in order to share?
Stay Tuned.

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