Ass Analysis Updates – TMZ Gets In The Picture!

(Editors Note April 08, 2010)
Well, it looks like we have yet another hot selling ticket on our hands once again, as indicated below. While watching the TMZ show on Fox yesterday evening, I became aware that the Ass Analysis concept was borrowed and sent through the TMZ and mainstream news channels.

I have the utmost respect for Harvey Levin, and the Telepictures Family and as managing editor of TMZ,  Levin is a pioneer in this new digital media industry, and I consider myself as a student and take it as an honor to know that these “outside of the box” concepts that we create and distribute here at Your Friendly Neighborhood reach all the way up to the upper echelons of showbiz in regards to relevance.

In 1994, Levin almost caused murder charges against Simpson to be tossed out when he presented a video on KCBS-TV that allegedly showed prosecutor Marcia Clark searching Simpson’s home before a search warrant was issued. Within days, however, Levin was forced to retract the story and apologize on the air.

Our street teams have crossed paths previously on a few occasions, and perhaps this is simply an indication of an excellent opportunity to collaborate on future projects for the greater good of the entertainment industry, as the big machine combined with the a smaller machine equipped with ability to use terms like ass, pimp, nigger, etc and actually get away with it would lead to some out of this world content production, in my humble opinion.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the prize, as the web is created for sights, hence you have the term  “web-site!”

(End Note)

Kim K vs. Sofia Vergara — Bi-Coastal Booty-Off

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Kim KardASShian, 29, turned NYC into the big apple bottom yesterday, while ridiculously hot “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara, 37, caused a booty-quake in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara

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