How To "Grow Some Balls"


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Welcome Home.
Business is booming, and it is interesting that this usually happens during a time when I’m considering taking a break, so I’m sure that there must be a connection between the parts of the equation that needs to be assessed.

This entry is primarily directed towards the fellas, yet there may be some of the female gender who will find it useful as well.

Note to the fellas.

I am usually addressing the ladies, because well, it is a habit that I picked up in elementary school when I first learned how to write, which appears to have been for the specific task of being able to pass notes to the girls at my school.

Yet and still, dont get it confused, as I still had to handle my business on the playground, as well as conduct and regulate the trade activities at the lunch tables, bike racks,bus stops, and around, behind, and in between school buildings, during lunch, recess, after school, and even inside of the classroom.

With that said, I notice that I really have been going back to the 80’s quite a bit, and I am thankful that YouTube provides the ability to rewind back to a prior time whenever I see fit.

Since it really is different strokes for different folks as I often say, I decided to go ahead and prove it by featuring one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite 80’s shows with the same name.

This clip is provided by the minisode network, and it is , in my opinion , one of the most ingenious ideas that I have seen for New Media, as YouTube has always had a standard 10 minute viewing time limit for uploaded features, and since the busiest of us do tend to be pressed for time, the episodes are all abbreviated to under 10 minutes in order for you to catch it on the fly when you have a few minutes to spare.

I will let the episode do what it does, and simply say that it is always the thought that really counts, and perhaps it will help you to overcome some obstacles that have you feeling like you are being bullied by it, or them.

A different perspective to consider.


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin