Viewer Appriciation Day- Come Get High With Me


As promised, I would be taking you on adventures with me more frequently.
This imagery was captured from the hill top directly in front of where I reside.

It’s a place that I often go, to um, talk with my higher ups , and actually get a birds eye view of the playing field, which should let you in on the reason as to why some of this content is so precise and full of clarity.

Before I get ready to rock and roll in true city slicker fashion, I thought to go ahead and elevate for a bit of reflection.
As strange as it may sound, I believe that since the soul of a person for the most part, is connected to their body, elevation of altitude covers mind , body, and soul simultaneously.
At this particular time, I feel blessed to have the ability to uplift myself on my own accord so that I may be able to share with you if not in person, then at least in thought, which sometimes is all that is really needed to resolve issues.

How it happened on this particular day is yet another mystery.
I was actually going to head in another direction after stopping by my neighbors house to discuss plans for tomorrows projects, and when I came back inside , I encountered some news that required that I take a trip to the hilltop.

Not to go into details, but it boils down to the same set of  criteria that most struggle with in varying degrees, like money, interpersonal relationships, physical and mental health, and so on.

Back to the top of the hill to ponder on the distraction, and why they tend to come during times when I am assuredly founded on my goals.

After a few minutes in the sun, I was able to remind myself of the very simple fact that life is experienced through thoughts and emotions, and people can and do differ from each other in these areas, which create the experience, known to most as REALITY.

From a different angle, I also notice that it (society) appears much like a maze, and most of the individuals inside of it did not play much of a part in the construction of it, nor do they set the rules, but rather conform and adjust , in order to survive and find the greatest degree of comfort, safety and pleasure, should one exist.
One of the boxes with a roof in the neighborhood pictured below, is where I am typing this entry from, and I can see the actual place in the hills that I frequent from my upstairs window.


I actually told myself that there has got to be a sufficient way to deal with people with different perspectives which create realities, and then a small wind started to blow, or so I thought. At that very moment, a fairly large sized snake began to wind in the rocks and brush about 5-7 yards behind me.
I had to make a decision.

A.Use that as an indication that its time to come back down to the surface.
B. Pull a Moses, and turn it(the snake) into a rod, so that I can have something to show as a souvenir.

I went with choice A, as I believe that the story is based on something allegorical , and I would rather err on the side of caution, plus my camera was off during that time.

The moral of the whole entry is to say that this story has a start and end point, and it is based on a thought which led to an action which led to a result, and since many actually see today the 20th of April as a counterculture holiday since the date reflects a cannabis smokers code (420), it fits in perfectly to the idea that getting high can be of value, so here is my contribution to you in the form of a great and valuable result.

A different perspective to consider.

The Light
@ The Beginning Of The Tunnel.

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin