Marcy – The Miami Diamond

Humpday News!

How do I explain this one?
I will just tell it like it is.

A. I created an effective advertisement and promotional solution last week, that can be viewed at this link.

B. I visited the profile on Myspace and found Marcy in front of my face with the following notice.

have the greatest week. gonna be at signing pics and taking pics with fans – miami beach convention center. may 14- 16
My site coming soon,i know it’s been forever and a year, but is coming soon TARGET DATE IS mAY14TH

C. I proceeded to open up an investigation and discovered that she has plenty of friends and associates out in Florida with quality goods and services waiting in the wings, ready to be introduced to those who are interested.

The moral of the story.

Between us as friends, I do often get accused of making things too easy to comprehend and act upon, due to my unique perspective which is that,

if it is looks and sounds too good to NOT be true, then it probably is

plus, I prefer for things to be easy as it creates more time to enjoy, and less time stressing and failing, so its different strokes for different folks.

Regardless, the show must go on, and I would be grossly negligent in my duty
if I failed to spread the good news and views while creating new and improved avenues, so if it works for you, then stay tuned, and if it does not work for you, still stay tuned, as both loving it and hating it, both require that you first check on it.

Who’s up next?

A different perspective to consider.