(Repost) Money Money Money

(Editors Note – April 28 2010)

Just finished a conference with my business partner and the subject of money came up in the discussion because well, that is a part of why people go into business in the first place.

I am clear to state that it is a part of the reason , as it has been shown over and over again that when  profit (monetary gain) is the sole purpose of conducting business, it leads to emotional dependency on money which may cause one to fall in love with it, and then things happen that people regret.

Since there is still plenty of it in existence to have and hold, I figure it a good idea to collect some as earnings for a good service provided to others, and with a bit of focus, contrary to popular opinion, it is actually quite easy to come by, legally and stress free.

It’s a trade secret, yet I will say that anytime anyone has had some in their hand, if they look closely, they would see that previous to that time, they had some on their mind, so maybe there is a connection.

(End Note)

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
-Benjamin Franklin

Now that is some COLD GAME!
If you know what I know, you would agree that being the author of that statement would make one worthy enough to have
their face printed on the C-Note (Big Face For The Ages!)

To preserve the integrity of the quote, I will keep today’s post short and simple, and allow you to ponder on its meaning, and if whether or not it relates to what got you interested in this entry , which is
that thing called MONEY, and if so, HOW?

I will just second that emotion with my own quote.
Call It A Game Recognize Game type of action.

Actually, Its just some pieces of paper with some words and pictures on it.
Would You Like To Hold Them For Me?

-Rylan Branch

The saga continues, so be sure to stay tuned for the NEXT EPISODE.