From Wall Street, To Main Street, Then On To ELECTRIC AVENUE


They say you shouldn’t put things off for tomorrow that you can get done today. I say you shouldn’t put things off for 30 minutes that you can get done right now, and for whatever reason is is 11:00 PM at present time, so its still the same with both statements.

Sometimes, my fingers just begin to press and click on their own, and whatever comes out is whatever it turns out to be, so while in bed on my way to dream land, and pondering on tasks for the week and the rest of the month, I seem to keep travelling back to the 80’s in my mind over and over again. With the whole economy situation, its often mentioned as a improperly balanced relationship between Wall Street and Main Street.

I will leave it to the experts to figure out the technicalities. I just seem to always have my mind set on Easy Street, and just as iI was thinking about the scenario, this popular song and video began to play in my head.

Its Electric Avenue , that I seem to have on my mind, and I believe that it will show itself to be the final destination for the blissful marriage between Wall Street and Main Street.
It was just then that another image pooped up in my mind that explains it perfectly, and it is of a young lady featured inside of the walls of who demonstrates the validity and relevance of the concepts in a perfect way.
It is Radha, taking the concept known as huggin the block to a new and improved level. The story gets interesting here, as when I went to my email box, I found an email from this young lady that I honestly was not expecting. The young lady you see on display likes to do things as such for enjoyment, yet in all actuality, she is local film producer and actress, and the email is for the upcoming
Indy Fest screening of her film
“”Every Soul Deserves A Second Chance””
What: Opening
Start Time: Thursday, August 27 at 12:00pm
End Time: Thursday, August 27 at 1:15pm

If you read the fine print, you may pick up on the name Disney, and since the address is actually in Anaheim, what it means is that the festival is in fact taking place at
Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort, A.K.A. The Happiest Place On Earth!

It is now 11:44 so there are still 16 minutes left for the day, and I will simply ponder on why te connection would come so accurately, as the historic parade at Disneyland’s Main Street,


just so happens to be an electircal one.

I still have 8 minutes left to spare, so I guess I met the lifeline just in time to wish you all a good night, or day, depending on which side of the planet you are connected to the Internet on.