You Like?

Two days left for April 2010, and I hope that yours was as productive and fruitful as mine, and if not, you can simply continue to stay tuned because our goal is to assist you in making your story how you believe it should be.

I love it when a plan comes together as it is again showing that the most simple things often turn out to be the most effective, and Facebook has developed a hot selling ticket to the extent that Facebook CEO/Founder

Mark Zuckerberg is being asked by Senators to make some adjustments to the new site service additions which require users to opt out of the services as opposed to opting in.

How Facebook Works

Now that Facebook is sharing users’ personal data with Web sites like Pandora and Yelp, four Democratic senators have asked CEO Mark Zuckerberg to alter the site’s privacy policy so users will have to opt in — not out — to reveal their information

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This actually falls in line with yesterdays discussion topic of

The Truth – What It Is?

If what you think and feel is true, then obviously what you like is true, as it is impossible for anyone to win a debate with another regarding what they truly like and dislike.

We can then upgrade to the issue of privacy, as it seems that individuals who may like or dislike a person, place, or thing are experiencing some form of discomfort in having others made aware of their preferences and/or truths.

This type of discourse is better saved for some of my yet to be released works, coming soon to a screen near you, so we can simply use this entry to stimulate some blood circulation to the brain as you conduct your own research and form your own opinions.

In closing, again, I love it when a plan comes together as there is plenty of pimp-formation on the subject of liking and being liked, contained within the walls of this online publication, so to add a bit of humor to the situation, let me see if I can come up with a clear picture of where the idea of a like button and associated application on Facebook actually originated.

Facebook Founder Mark Zukerberg & Girlfriend Priscilla Chan

Priscilla Chan Says- “You Like?”


What do you expect?

A PIMPISH perspective to consider.