Success in Modeling – Whats Your Story?


my story is im trying to get into modeling i met a few agents and when i told them i was 22 they act like i said 40 lol but im gone keep trying

It’s a beautiful day outside, and I am actually scheduled for a long over due vacation, yet in actuality, since I actually live on vacation, it never seems to work as it would under more normal circumstance.

Today is one of those occasions where you get to see a part of what my 9 to 5 entails when you see so much of my time spent on the web, and if you clicked this entry, then perhaps you too have an interest in the subject of success in the industry known as modeling or just success in general.

Before I begin, let the record reflect that I am using regular images as opposed to what are often described as professional shots on purpose, and it is a follow up to yesterdays post regarding the status known as stuck on stupid, in which the simple and effective way of thinking and doing can be demonstrated and compared to the hard way.

The young lady in the images is Jai, a cool female from here in
Southern California, with a goal of attaining success in the business of modeling.

They key word is in fact BUSINESS, because from what I can see, what has happened all across the board is a mismatch in regards to what the definition of modeling is and what the job entails, and for a more thorough analysis, simply click this link for a ins and outs business description of the industry.

For today, lets keep it simple by simply noting that the job of a model is simply to draw attention to a person, place, or thing, in an attempt to influence a potential customer to make a purchase, as opposed to what many who follow many who do not really know , typically believe, think, and act upon, which is that modeling is siply a status to be attained in order to serve their own needs for attention and praise.

Still sound complicated and discouraging?
Lets make it simple.

paid 800 for my hair do you like lol

The answer for me is that I love it, as a woman that would spend that amount of money on her hairstyle preference shows that she believes that she deserves it, and if I see it, then it means she decided to be it, and show it so that we can all know it.

Now could you imagine if the stylist that made this happen was to discover that others wanted to know about the details of this hairstyle, and since Jai had the first hand knowledge, she could actually refer clients to the stylist and actually earn income or have her hair done free of charge as compensation for the referral? I could imagine it very easily because it happens each and everyday, as that is in fact what the job of a hair and cosmetics model is.

SISTERS 4 life

This description is a result of me being male, yet all things balance out in the end, so with the way that my mind works, if I was to want to hit the scene, crispy and clean, and spend some hard earned green, seeing an image like the one above and hearing from the sexy ladies in it, letting me know exactly what to expect when I attend this event would work like a charm.

Could you imagine if the club promoters and owners, as well as other companies that wanted my attention and hard earned dollars would actually pay for this service that does the job most effectively? I could imagine it very easily because it happens every single day in the world of
promotional modeling.

Southern California is a great place to visit, yet it could be a bias on my part as I am a native of these parts, yet the weather and women speak for themselves.

Outdoor activities do inspire me whether in a day or evening setting, and it appears to be the same for many as I usually see individuals enjoying themselves and being active while I am out and about during various times of the day. Could you imagine if companies interested in selling their goods and services to these active individuals were to be interested in hiring individuals that inspire others to want to take part in the fun? I could imagine it very easily as it happens every single day in the world of
fitness and active lifestyles modeling.

I could go on and on and perhaps have already said enough, so in closing, lets keep things simple for those who may have not expected such accurate insight from a site with a name like

Let the record reflect that the industry again is a business, and while it is a fun and employable one, if your interest is in success , which in business means customer satisfaction and profit, at the end of the day as well as the beginning, what you reap is what you sow, and what you sow begins with what you know.

Just like it was stated in the movie Baby Boy,

“You got to know the difference between the guns and the butter. Basically stuff that appreciates with value and stuff that loses value over time. Don’t get it twisted if you wanna be a real hustla!”

Whats Your Story?

A different perspective to consider.