(Repost) A Win-Win Situation Is At The Root Of Creation

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I am feeling somewhat generous today, so I decided to share some basic yet highly effective pimformation in regards to achieve success in any endeavor that involves multiple parties.

This ideology , known as the Win Win situation , was actually developed by the Harvard School Of Business in the later part of the 20th Century.

Yet and still, there truly is nothing really new under the sun, so since we are touching on subjects which stem from the Oldest Profession On Planet Earth, we can classify it as economic fodder from the first PHD’s of Economics who were the first to
PROFESS (Sell The Game)!

Lets start off with the most basic fundamental rule of thumb, known as
Self Preservation.It indicates that any individual that you will ever meet or have ever met is primarily thinking about their own personal self interest above all things.

Some believe that what is known as altruism which is the state of being SELFLESS as opposed to SELFISH is a noble state of existence, yet it has been concluded by most half way rational philosophers that Altruism itself is in fact an act and state of being which is beneficial to the individual with the stance.

In more down to earth terms, if you give a bum a dollar on the street, you receive a good feeling of knowing that you helped someone in need, so you actually took an action according to YOUR OWN NEED.

Now , we will get somewhat mathematical and check the flow of the energy in motion , known to you as E-Motion.

Strengthening ones own position at the expense of another, is a direct indication of Negative Emotion. that does NOT mean good or bad, nice or mean, it simply states that the emotion is based on the desire to receive, which is called subtraction, or TAKE AWAY.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Strengthening the position of another at ones own expense is a sign of positive emotion, which is addition or a ADD TO.

Taking this into account, the most effective solution in all transactions of humans is the Win Win situation which entails that both or all parties seek to strengthen each others position at their own expense so that no expense is lost and each gains,
known to you as
Mutual Profit/Benefit.

While an individual may choose to tune in to another source of valid economic advice from economic experts, I will keep it simple for you by touching on the first order of business, which is that between a Man and Woman, which actually results in the creation of LIFE if left to its natural course.

From what I know, a successful relationship between a man and woman consists of two whole individuals, who’s affinity for each other, outweigh their need for each other. In more simplistic terms, the way to success is if both parties come into a situation looking at ways to give and benefit the other.
if both parties are seeking to give, then each will then also receive by default.

In a PERFECT world, this would be the working scenario, and perhaps one we can work towards should we desire such an existence.

Due to the Nature Of the Beast, which is one based on
, individuals will usually be found coming into a relationship situation looking for what they can GET from the other and attempt to get the most while giving the least required in exchange. Its capitalism at its root, or as they used to say in the first east,
Thinking With Your Belly!

If one or both parties in the relationship are seeking to receive, there will eventually be a conflict of interest as one or both parties are primarily focused on having their own needs met, which again, is based on self preservation.

The psychological experts usually trace these tendencies to inadequacy , which is usually developed through emotional needs being unmet or neglected in the developmental childhood years of a persons life.

Its what leads to consumerism, as money and the things that it represents for an individual is always tied to some form of an emotional gratification, such as power, respect, status, security, love, abundance, and all the other feelings one is able to experience. Let the record reflect that if anything that a person seeks on the outside is to create a better feeling on the inside, that outward person place or thing becomes known as a OBJECT OF DESIRE, which is usually attached to some terms and conditions which require an investment on the part of the person seeking to receive.Once again, when it comes to self preservation, which is also known as self interest, you will usually find some form of  best interest consideration from the possessor of the outward object, or issuer of the funds required to acquire along with a promissory note of repayment over time which is in the BEST INTEREST of the lender, hence you have the term interest rate and possessed by ones possessions.

More on that later, so stay tuned.

For this particular scenario, known as the Win Win Situation,what is usually helpful is an arbitrary mid point, or what we call a table, which both or multiple parties can contribute to, hence you have the phrase
“bringing to the table”. If you have ever had the opportunity to attend a pot luck which requests that each individual brings a dish, you will notice that there is food for the bringer in the form of the dish brought by them as well as food from the other bringers, and each individual who brought experiences the same feeling of plenty.


It an old fashioned yet always effective way of demonstrating what is known as  WIN WIN situation.

Back to the mathematical format, the rules are as follows.


For those unaware multiplication is an advanced form of addition which is a PLUS (positive)

Division is an advanced form of subtraction which is a MINUS(negative)

It is actually IMPOSSIBLE to create a new through a division of two, which is why being fruitful is a result of multiplication which is the unification of numbers.

In regards to the first order of business, which is men and women, unless you are alien or test tube baby, if you are reading this entry, is is a result of you being alive to read it, based on a choice made by your parents to take the necessary steps which resulted in them each going half on a baby.


If you feel and think a certain way about yourself, you will then know that you the personification of a WIN WIN situation between your parents, as well as your forefathers before you who at some point made the same decision.
Call it Creation.

A different perspective to consider.