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Well, lets see.
Intelligent individuals  in the business world say blah blah blah, yet then again, it could be as simple as the fact that people in general, especially women and children do tend to hunger for attention, and since I prefer the easy way of doing things, I decided to just focus on the basics for today’s entry.

I just returned from Albertson’s Supermarket an hour or so ago, and while pondering on this subject and what to write about today, I walked right in to a nice looking young lady at the exact time that I was entering the store.

She looked great, crispy and clean, like she was headed for work, and since I liked what I saw, I smiled and she smiled back.
I then said good morning, and she said good morning back to me, and then…..

Although I am a technical person at times, I known not to always spend too much time trying to figure out the why and hows behind things and the way that they work, and just know that when I put clothes in the washing machine, and put the detergent in the compartment, I turn the knob, and come back in a while and I see clean clothes waiting to be put into the dryer, and yes,
you are correct, I am not above doing my own laundry and actually tend to prefer it.

With that said, lets see what we have on the menu today.


[n. uh-ten-shuhn; interj. uh-ten-shuhn]


1.the act or faculty of attending, esp. by directing the mind to an object.
a.a concentration of the mind on a single object or thought, esp. one preferentially selected from a complex, with a view to limiting or clarifying receptivity by narrowing the range of stimuli.
b.a state of consciousness characterized by such concentration.
c.a capacity to maintain selective or sustained concentration.
3.observant care; consideration: Individual attention is given to each child.
4.civility or courtesy: attention to a guest.
5.notice or awareness: His deliberate cough caught the waiter’s attention.
6.attentions, acts of courtesy or devotion indicating affection, as in courtship.
So that’s what it is.
How can you get more of it from others if and when you desire it?

Its Simple!

You **** **** and ******* ********.
Honestly, I shouldn’t give it all away for free.

Actually, I could, as I have more than enough, yet the wise say that individuals tend to value, respect, and appreciate that which they pay for, so in closing, you can at least put it together with what has been stated that the reason that you tuned in to this entry was because it was in regards to something that you found beneficial, and for all we know, it could actually be the exact same way for most people, which makes it a good investment of time.

R.B. @ Your Service.
Stay Tuned.

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