The Most Interesting Man In The World – Your Opinion Is?

You are correct.
We cant leave the fellas out of the equation because life is dependent on input from both sides of the gender coin, and since this is an online publication based on lifestyles, who better than to keep the bar open like it is in my profile picture?

Yes, I do watch sports just like the average guy, and yes I do drink beer on occasion just like the average guy, and since it is the day after Cinco de Mayo, and the NBA Playoffs are in session, the drink of choice may be  Dos Equis so long as Arizona Law Enforcement and Border Patrol Agents dont catch
The Most Interesting Man In The World walking without papers;)

From a branding perspective, it does require that I look a bit more in depth into the message behind the message, and if you are interested in such matters along with your brew of choice, then today you are in luck.

Out of all the pimpish character traits displayed in the advertisements, what do you believe make this character the most interesting man in the world?

In my humble opinion, the answer is simple.


Stay Thirsty My Friend!

A similar perspective to consider.