George W. Bush Exclusive 9/11 Interview – NatGeo 9/11 Week Special

Some may have not had the opportunity to tune in to this groundbreaking interview on the National Geographic cable channel last night that will repeat again tonight at 10PM E.S.T., so to ensure all bases are covered, which is what lesson I learned and gained as valuable insight from watching the program, it is now here for your viewing pleasure/displeasure.

Some topics are so relevant, that putting my own spin on the subject matter takes away from the real value which is provided through simply having the information available to help individuals make better and more well informed decisions, so enough from me.

Now on the mic.
George W. Bush.

National Geographic Channel presents George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview,  a world premiere documentary that reveals exclusive, first-person insight into  the former president’s experience following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11,  2001.  In the most in-depth on-camera interview he has ever given on the  subject, President Bush recalls what he was thinking and feeling and what drove  the real-time, life-or-death decisions he faced in the first minutes, hours and  days after the most lethal terrorist attacks ever on U.S. soil.  Hear in  unprecedented, intimate detail what he grappled with as both commander in chief,  and as a man concerned for his family and fellow citizens.  George W. Bush:  The 9/11 Interview also takes viewers behind the scenes with extensive  archival footage and exclusive materials directly from his library that open a  new window into his personal experiences during that historic day that changed  the face of America, and the world, forever.

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